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Insert your camera`s memory card in PictureMate, choose your photos, and print. To preserve your digital photo files (just like film negatives), save them to a CD or your computer. Then you can reprint them any time. After you save your photo files, delete them from your memory card so you have room for more photos.
Sound Level: 41 dB (A)Dimensions: Storage: 9.00″ x 6.9″ x 3.3″ (W x D x H) Printing: 9.8″ x 15.1″ x 7.9″ (W x D x H)
Just as the name suggests, a Portable Photo Printer is a small, portable printer that connects to your Smartphone or Camera and instantly prints photos.
Epson Photo + is a software application that allows you to easily layout and print digital images on various kinds of paper.
A dedicated photo printer is limited to only printing photos, while a near-dedicated photo printer can also print text and graphics, and may even offer some of the functions of an all-in-one printer such as scanning and faxing.
The go-to printing material for most people is printing paper, which can be either matte or glossy. Printing paper is usually much thicker than regular paper and is smooth to touch. Photos can also be printed onto regular paper and cardboard- this is the easiest way to print photos from home.
A photocopy machine makes duplicate copies of a physical document without being connected to a computer network. A printer, on the other hand, allows a user to send documents from a computer network to be printed on the device.
The most common types of paper for printing photos are glossy, luster, and baryta paper. An inkjet printer uses a printer cartridge that creates an image that is 300 x 300 dpi (dots per inch).
Epson 512 Ecotank Ink Bottles

A black Epson 512 ink refill bottle can print 8,000 pages and a color 512 refill bottle can print 5,000 pages.

A3 (11.7 × 16.5 inches [297 × 420 mm])*

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Epson printer can't recognize Epson ink cartridge
ANSWER : Hi, my name is Jim.

Epson Printer not printing
ANSWER : My EPSON printer was also not printing anything, I tried a lot to fix that but unable to fix. At last I got this link I just visited and made a call on their toll free. I got instant help from a certified technician to fix my printer.

Difference Between Laser Printer and InkJet Printer
ANSWER : Laser uses toner which is a powder that gets melted onto the page. Inkjet uses ink that gets squirted onto the page.

epson printer problems
ANSWER : My Printer Has A Internal Erro

Weird Problem: Epson R2400 Printer won't power on
ANSWER : I just had exactly the same thing happen. The printer is usually on, but now is off and will not power on. Anybody know what is going on? Is there a fuse blown? Where would that fuse be?

newly installed printer…can scan but cant be set as a default printer???

Epson Stylus sx130 Printer does not power on…
ANSWER : I have had the same problem with Epson px660. I have replaced the main board twice with the same problem recurring after printing many copies of documents..there are some transistors at the back of the main board which when removed the printer will power on but will not recognize the I’m still wondering of the power supply is short circuiting the main board…a

ANSWER : Probably a worn feed roller. You can try cleaning it with a damp rag as it might just be covered with paper dust.