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Welcome to My Printer Support for all your troubleshooting and helpful requirements with regard to HP printer setup and support. My Printer Support is here to give you a detailed hand on step by step explanation and guidance for setting up your new printer, or for handling your printer related issues.

Setting up your new hp printer would be from the point of approaching the sealed box that your new hp printer setup and assistance would be for every step of the way, until the point of easily printing and scanning, from an assortment of input medium.

Troubleshooting attempts to address all forms of issues, be it hardware issues associated with the printer or the hp wireless printer setup modules, to the software issues, like for example connectivity issues. Support is step by step and perfectly categorized for the exact model and subcategory of the nature of issue.

Printer Models we support

HP Deskjet Printer

The Deskjet series of Printers from HP are characterised for their simplicity and ease of operation. They are predominantly intended for an individual home style requirement, and feature outstanding class leading print quality with extremely user friendly. Most of the Deskjet series of printers are extremely compact and space management is never an issue with these printers as is the ease with which they can be setup.

HP Envy Printer

The Envy series of printers by HP feature a focus on excellent photo capabilities and are excellent for support of media consumption activities. The HP Envy Printer Series have long been excellent examples of superior printing and are used for variety of high-resolution photo prints. The HP Envy Printer is easy to assemble and has feature sets that make it  extremely  user  friendly and easy to deploy without wastage of effort.

HP Officejet Printer

The Officejet Printer Series by HP caters to that large category where the requirements of the Printer and Scanner are for professional purposes, but are not utilised for heavy printing by several people. The HP Officejet Printer also caters to home use and casual printing, scanning and copying. The HP Officejet Printer is the darling of the SoHo segment as it caters to adequate volume jobs as well as one off high definition print jobs.

HP Officejet Pro Printer

HP Officejet Pro Printer series, is the technologically superior and durable All-in-One Series that can handle a robust workload. The printers are designed with a focus on easy setup and very low running costs that will be welcomed in calculation of the economic scale. The Officejet Pro series is built for durability and match the exacting standards of the modern office setup and deliver results at the best cost per page.

We Provide Service & Support for the following

HP Printer Setup

In general HP Printer Setup is pretty self-explanatory, right from the powering on of the new printer. All HP Printers come with bundled HP Proprietary software that help guide through the initial setup process and also help in management of the Printer and the servicing of the utilities and diagnostic tools. HP printers have to be set up with the proper cartridges inserted and step by step installation done from the computer, tablet or mobile device. Next instruction for install hp wireless printer on your computer.

Wireless Setup Wizard

Wireless setup wizard involves turning on the printer while ensuring that the local wireless network is up and running and is connected to the internet. Install hp wireless printer is pretty straightforward in all printers as they use the WPS standard, which makes the identification of the Printer’s wireless network and registering the printer on the local network a matter of a few steps on the provided printer software.

Network Setup

After finishing the install hp wireless printer, do this the first step is to register the printer on the local wireless printer network. Once the printer is on the network, by accessing the network preferences on the computer, the Printer will be visible on the home network – which is the local network the printer shares with the setup computer. After enabling the printer to print over network, permissions should be given to allow the printer to be accessed by the network, and once that is done, the printer is all set for printing over the network.

Windows Setup

The first step is to run the windows software. In case of non-availability, printing software is available online. Click through the exe file that will install the windows software on the computer. The software will then proceed to setup the printer, which needs to be powered on with the cartridges fitted. The printer will be available on the network, be it wired or wireless, and after identifying the printer the setup process will install the requisite drivers, until the printer can be used.

Mac Setup

After loading the CD that is supplied along with the HP Printer, the Installer package will automatically open on MAC. In case of download from the website, you will have to download the installer package and run it. Once the installer is running it will ask for destination where the software can be installed. Always select the main hard drive and drag and drop the installer into the hard drive. The installation will begin and the HP Printer will be setup on MAC.

Smartphone Setup

HP Printers are fully functional from just a smartphone. Download the HP software from the Play Store in case of Android devices and from the Apple Store in case of Apple devices. Powered ON the printer and search from the smartphone’s wireless preferences and connect to the printer’s signature. Then ON the app to install the printer would light up and after giving permissions printer would be setup on the wireless network and would be accessible from those credentials.

AirPrint Setup

HP Printers come fully matching the standards required by AirPrint. Switch on the HP Printer and ensure that the local network is powered ON with internet. Run the hp printer setup on the Apple device and the app would detect the Printer on the network. Select the Printer and follow the steps and the Printer should feature on AirPrint. Files can be sent from any app on the Apple device to print on the HP Printer over AirPrint.

E-Print Setup

Almost all HP Printers come equipped with the proprietary HP e-Print solution. HP Printer e-Print basically assigns an email for the printer on the web services portal of HP. If the printer is a LCD enabled printer the email can be identified on the device under the category of e-Print. From a computer or a tablet, the file has to be emailed to the printer’s email and the printer will retrieve the file and print it.

Cloud Print Setup

HP Printers in general have the capacity to print over the internet. They adhere to several standards available such as Google Cloud print and Microsoft cloud print and so on. The printer’s network email identity will be visible on the LCD screen or would be printed on the hardware in case of non-display printer. File commands sent to the printer over the cloud will see the printer start the printing task.

Secure WPS Setup

HP Printers come with wireless connectivity and the fool proof standard of connectivity is the WPS Standard. To set up the HP Printer over WPS, power on the Printer and navigate to the WPS setup on the LCD display. After switching it on the Printer will be available on the wireless network when searched from the computer. After connecting to the printer the steps in the HP Software will enable the Printer to be available on the local wireless.

HP Printer Troubleshooting

Issues can be software issues or hardware issues. HP Printer Troubleshooting involves the first step of identifying the nature of the issue. If it is a hardware issue such as, say, a paper jam, printer offline, printer not printing and printer prints blank page the solution is at the level of the hardware. However for connectivity issues, diagnosis needs to be done by the software from the computer and resolved.

Network Problems

HP Printers as with any device on wireless networks are susceptible to issues occasionally. Network issues can be because of something as simple as a change in password. For instance a change in the wireless passwords and network IDs would completely disconnect the printer because the password and ID has to be updated. To resolve Network Issues a step by step approach has to be taken.

Unboxing a HP Printer

A HP Printer comes in the best scientifically secure packaging possible given that it is not a mobile device. The first levels of unboxing would involve careful separation of box from the contents. Once the Printer is removed and set aside on the work bench, the cling sheets need to be removed. The next stage of unboxing would be to identify and keep ready the ink cartridges and the power cord which would be packaged separately. Once the Ink cartridges are installed a test page should be printed to ensure that the printer has been setup as per spec.

HP Printer Installation

Windows Installation

Please run the accompanied software or download the HP Software from the website, making sure that the model number is correct. The printer will be detected over wired USB or over hp wireless printer setup and according to the permissions given on the software. Once the Printer is installed the software should be checked for updates which will download and install the appropriate windows drivers for printing.


Mac OS Installation

The HP Bundled software will contain the Mac Installation packages as well. The Installer file needs to be run in case of download, and the installer will ask for the destination to be installed. Please select the Hard Drive, and drag and drop the installer on the hard drive. The installer will install the Printer software and the procedure wills autocomplete. The printer will be visible in the printers and other hardware portion.


Smartphone Installation

A HP Printer can be setup and made to run at full potential without a computer, and purely from a smartphone. In order to make this happen, the Printer should be unboxed and powered on. Make sure that the wireless is turned on the printer. Download the application and install it. Open the application and allow it to detect the printer which should be available on the network. After that the Printer can be configured and setup.



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