HP PSC – Printer / Scanner / Copier 2510
5 buttons are flashing, on/off, copy, scan, fax, photo

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Since there aren’t any parts available and this looks pretty much fatal, it would be time to buy a new printer.

How to Identify and Fix Common printer Problems ?

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Make sure your devices are properly connected with each other, and the network or the cable you use to connect these devices is normal. You can also try restarting your HP printer. Turn it off completely and unplug the power cord, leave it for a couple of minutes, and then plug the cord back and power on the printer.
A supply memory error happens when the metal contacts / chip on an HP toner cartridge doesn`t correctly connect with the corresponding contacts inside the printer. The printer cannot detect the toner cartridge and displays the `Supply Memory Error` message on the printer display panel.
Start by checking your hardware

If you`re using a wired printer, make sure that the printer cable is properly connected from the printer to your PC. For wireless printers, check the wireless connection. Make sure the printer`s wireless option is turned on and available.

Turning the power ON/OFF while the print monitor screen is displayed may cause the printer driver to go off-line and make printing impossible. In this case, open the [Printers / Printers and Faxes / Devices and Printers] folder on the computer and check if your printer driver is shown as off-line.
Turn the printer off then back on. If the issue persists, turn the printer off, unplug the power cord and then wait at least three minutes before plugging the power cord back in and turning the printer back on. If the issue persists, ensure the product is running the latest firmware available from HP.com.
However, there are a few common reasons that pop up the most: Loose or damaged cables: If the wires are worn out, it might prevent you from connecting to your scanner. Missing drivers: Your computer can`t properly “talk” to your scanner if the right drivers aren`t installed.
Most printers will stop working when they`re out of paper, ink or toner, or if the unit detects an issue with the ink or toner cartridge. When this occurs, you might receive an error message or notice blinking green or amber lights on your printer.
Some of the most common printer problems that most of us have experienced include paper jamming, slow printing, uneven printing, and wrong colour output. If you use your printer frequently, we know how annoying it can be to have persisting problems with the printer.
Open HP Smart app, click your printer, click Printers in the top menu bar, and then click Diagnose & Fix. Follow the instructions if any issues are found. If you still can`t print, remove and re-add the printer.

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ANSWER : Since there aren’t any parts available and this looks pretty much fatal, it would be time to buy a new printer.

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ANSWER : Hp Printer Technical Help 1855 777 1707 Toll Free Helpline.

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ANSWER : Not knowing which printer model (out of over1200) it’s hard to say how to clean the print head. Without the make and model number there is no way we can offer any sound advice.