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How to Identify and Fix Common Problems ?

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Just above the circuit board on most printer cartridges, you`ll find a small button. You`ve seen these tiny buttons before on cell phones, phone chargers, etc. This is your reset button, and the only way to get in there is either with a paper clip or the tip of a pen (which will leave a tiny ink smudge on the button).
Press the home button, if necessary. Press the left or right arrow button to select Maintenance > Reset Ink Level. Press the start button, the OK button twice, and then the start button again. Press the right or left arrow button to highlight the ink tank you refilled and press the OK button to select it.
Method 1 – Bypassng Ink Cartridge on Epson Printer

After opening the lid, hold the ink button down. When you find the ink holer is moving to its position, then open the cartridge`s lid which is having no ink. Close it again without removing the cartridge. Close the lid and start to print.

Be sure to reset the ink level after refilling the ink. If you refilled two or more colors, you need to select all of the colors that you refilled and reset the ink level. Unless you reset the ink level, the ink level displayed does not change even after refilling the ink.
Press the button on the chip-reset tool for several seconds until the LED light on the device goes off. Then, unlock the reset tool from the cartridge. Use the resetter with other cartridges and install them back into the corresponding slots in your printer. Voila!
Using a Paperclip

You can use a paper clip to reset your Epson cartridge chip if there`s a single pinhole on the small green microchip on the bottom or side of the cartridge. If there are two round metal contacts at the top or bottom of the chip, you`ll actually need two paperclips.

Find the Cartridge Reset Button.

Some Epson cartridges such as Epson 78 ink has a reset button for refillable purposes. Turn the ink cartridge to where the microchip can be found. Using the end of a paper clip, press the reset button that can be located above the metal contacts, right in the center.

Restoring the factory-set defaults returns most of the settings to the factory defaults. It will not reset the page count, tray size, or language.
It`s a pretty simple process:

Unplug the power cable from the wall outlet. Wait 15 seconds. Plug the power cable into the back of the printer. Plug the printer back into the wall outlet.

How can I override my HP ink cartridge? Remove and reinstall the indicated cartridge slots 2-3 times until it firmly sits in place to override the HP ink cartridge error. After doing this, turn off the printer and remove all the cartridges.
The chip resetter tool is a self-contained unit that contacts the cartridge chip to get it to its electronic full setting, telling the printer it is full of ink and ready to print. It is generally used when re-inking a cartridge, because the cartridges must be removed from the printer to complete the process.
There are chips inside the original cartridges to record how many pages were printed and they cannot be reset. As a result the printer reads the chips and tells you that the cartridges are empty, even though they are not. This is why you are getting the “ink low” message even though the ink tank is at full capacity.
Fix this problem by removing the cartridge and injecting more ink into the sponge through the exit hole. Air bubbles also can get trapped inside the cartridge, blocking ink flow. Allow the cartridge to sit unused for about an hour to give the bubble a chance to dislodge by itself.
Disable the Cartridge Policy feature

In the Device Management pane, select the printers (or printer group) to configure. In the bottom navigation pane, select Config, and then select Supplies. In the Cartridge Policy section, select Off. Click Apply.

Open the native HP Printing app (must be installed) and click “check ink levels” you will eventually see several sheet tabs and one of them on the right is called “HP Cartridge Protection”. Click there, select the “Disable HP cartridge protection” option and click save.
Install the bottle cap tightly; otherwise, ink may leak. Refill the ink tank with the correct color ink up to the upper line on the ink tank. If any ink remains in the ink bottle after filling the ink tank, place the bottle cap tip securely on the bottle cap and store the ink bottle upright for later use.
Reset. Resetting the printer stops printing and clears the current print job received from the active interface. You may want to reset the printer when there is a problem with the print job itself and the printer cannot print successfully.
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If your printer has no fax or copier functions, it most likely won`t have any type of persistent memory storage that needs to be reset, but just to be sure, check your printer`s “Settings” menu for any options that allow you to reset the device to the factory defaults.

Usually, it should not take more than a few minutes to restore the printer to its factory settings. However, I recommend you to perform the following steps to isolate the issue and arrive at a fix: Disconnect the power cable from the printer while the printer is still ON.
In Windows, go to Printer Properties > Maintenance > Clean Heads > OK and follow on-screen prompts. On a Mac, check the Applications folder for a Utility application for the printer. To manually clean the printer, remove printheads and use equal parts water and isopropyl alcohol to clean them.
On your computer, in the Windows Notification Area (bottom-right corner of your Windows desktop), right-click the printer icon. In the printer menu, select the Properties or Preferences option. In the printer settings window, the ink or toner levels are displayed for the currently-installed cartridge(s).
A beam of light passes inside the cartridge through a prism, which is then detected by an optical sensor. Based on the level of light refraction, the printer is able to determine the ink level of the cartridge.
Check the ink levels

Sometimes, the printer may not print black ink because it is low or empty. You can check the ink levels on the printer`s display, or by using the software that came with your printer. If the ink level is low, replace the cartridge or refill it according to the manufacturer`s instructions.

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