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How to Identify and Fix Common Problems ?

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letterpress printing, also called Relief Printing, or Typographic Printing, in commercial printing, process by which many copies of an image are produced by repeated direct impression of an inked, raised surface against sheets or a continuous roll of paper.
Printer Driver

The results of a mismatch between computer and printer can show up in flawed output, blank pages or printing failures. These same symptoms can occur if your driver software becomes damaged in a thunderstorm, power surge or outage, or by malware that worms its way onto your computer.

Streaks and unwanted lines could mean that the printer heads are out of alignment. There`s an alignment tool in the printer`s control panel. If that`s not the issue then the printer is dirty. Printer ink stripes may appear along the edges of the paper, which means there`s ink on the rollers and other parts.
There are four primary causes for horizontal banding on prints from inkjet printers, (1) nozzle clogs, (2) mis-aligned print heads, (3) low quality print settings (4) incorrect paper thickness settings. Below we will describe each of these causes for horizontal banding as well as ways to try and fix them.
Traditional printmaking techniques include woodcut, etching, engraving, and lithography, while modern artists have expanded available techniques to include screenprinting.
For a long time, the printing industry recognized five major processes. These are grouped in to; relief printing (letterpress, flexography), planographic printing (offset lithography), recess printing (gravure/intaglio), stencil printing (screen) and digital printing (toner and inkjet).
If the print heads are vertically or horizontally misaligned, however, the printer may unintentionally print the same letters or characters side by side. You can readjust the print heads in Windows or from the printer`s control panel.
Clogged Nozzle

One or more clogged nozzles preventing ink from getting to the page is the most common cause of a printer skipping lines. Through normal use, small amounts of ink can collect and dry in the printhead blocking the nozzles.

Usually this issue occurs if there is any file missing or corrupted in the Printer drivers/print spooler.
A very small amount of dust or a speck of grime can easily cause lines, streaks, or smudges on your copies or document scans. If you have an MFP (most likely known as, “the copier” in your office), print a blank page first. If there`s still a smudge, you may have an issue with the print assembly on the copier.
What Is Banding? Banding is a defect in inkjet printing that will appear as horizontal or vertical lines, streaks or bands in the printed output. Everyone will eventually experience some type of banding with their inkjet printer.
When letterpress printing was first invented, it was a way to transfer ink on paper by just slightly touching the paper. Today, it`s about printing with a lot of pressure to achieve great embossing effects (impressions) – often on very tactile and soft papers.
Letterpress required pictures to be photoengraved in metal beforehand, whereas with offset printing, the photographic image could be easily combined with the image of the text, and then exposed on an offset printing plate.
While often referred to as “lead type,” type is, in fact, a variable alloy of 54-86% lead, 11-28% antimony and 3-18% tin. Antimony hardens the metal.
Letterpress. a relief printing process in which a raised image is inked to produce an impression; the impression is then transferred by placing paper against image and applying pressure. Letterset. a printing process combining offset printing with a letterpress relief printing plate.

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