HP LaserJet 4SI

How to Identify and Fix Common Problems ?

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If a small piece of paper or other item wraps around a roller, it can cause a squeaking noise to occur. Check the condition of the toner cartridge. If the cartridge appears fine, reinsert it into the printer. If the cartridge appears damaged in any way, try installing a different toner cartridge.
Turn the printer on, and replace the cartridges if possible. If the carriage moves, but there is still a grinding noise, there may be a paper feed issue. If the carriage will not move, then it is a carriage stall issue.
Excessive dust on the main pick-up roller will make it appear worn and smooth to the touch, causing the roller to skip across the page instead of grabbing properly, resulting in blurring images. Excessive dust on the rest of feed rollers in the scanner will make a squeaking sound as it feeds the paper through.
– If the squealing or squeaking noise occurs, the toner cartridge is the cause. You will need to replace the toner cartridge (TN630 or TN660) to resolve this issue. – If the squealing or squeaking noise does not occur, the issue is resolved.
This could be because of dust particles in the printer. Follow these steps to clean the ADF`s pick rollers and separator pad. Gather the following materials: A clean, lint-free cloth, or any cloth that will not come apart or leave fibers.
Laser printers are almost always louder than ink printers because they have many more parts in operation at the same time. Even though many of these parts aren`t themselves particularly noisy, the fact that all of them are moving all the time can contribute to a few headaches.
The sound is normally caused by the plastic components of the controller having slight imperfections which can cause the parts to rub/catch on each other.
A grinding noise when using the scanner glass or flatbed to make a copy or scan a document is typically due to a mechanical malfunction of the scanner assembly. However, it may be the result of debris or objects interfering with the travel of the print head.
It is perfectly safe to begin using Liquid Bearings on all your printers immediately, even if you have been lubricating them with conventional oils for years or decades. It is fully compatible with all vintage and current oils, and will eventually flush away the residue of the evaporated real oil over time.
Answer. Answer: line printer makes more noise and line printer is also known as inkjet printer.
First of all I just gave it a quick shot on the bottom of the cartridge (head section), any WD40 will be washed off or thru in a short period of time by the ink flowing through, maybe a few prints. I had no problem, my first print after using WD40 was fine. Run a few 4×6 thru first to be sure.
Printer Oil: Designed to lubricate internal components, printer oil is an essential part of regular printer maintenance, and should be applied after cleaning.
The chirping sound is the hard drive making noise and is normal. Some hard drives make more noise than others and usually it happens when idle or in heavy use (anti-virus scanning).

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