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HP Smart app might display the “Printer status unknown” error message if your printer is idle or offline. If your printer goes into sleep or standby mode after a period of inactivity, press the power button to “wake” it.
If the error message, Unknown device appears, this can indicate that there is not adequate power and the PC can not identify the printer correctly. Verify that there are no extension cables and that the power cable is no longer than five meters. Reseat the power cables.
Restart the printer and try again. Unplug the printer from an outlet. You can plug it back in again to see if it works this time. Check if the printer is properly set up or connected to your computer`s system.
Make sure that both ends of the USB cable are correctly inserted into the computer and the printer. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the USB cable at both ends. Disconnect the printer and the computer and reconnect them. Try another USB port if available.
Status unknown means a circumstance where samples were scheduled to be taken by the regional water quality control plant and were not, samples were taken but not yet analyzed by the report due date or where a new discharger has yet to be sampled.
If you see an “unknown accessory detected near you” message (or similar), it means there`s an item compatible with the Find My network that might be traveling with you. If so, its owner may be able to see your location. You should look to see if something you`re borrowing has such a device attached.
Updated: 10/11/2021 by Computer Hope. An unknown device is a device name listed in Device Manager that Windows cannot identify or doesn`t have the appropriate drivers to be recognized.
Open Command Prompt by pressing the Windows key and typing cmd. Type netstat -r. Press Enter. You will now be able to see a list of network devices connected to your computer and your printer`s IP.
Restart devices

If your printer connects to a Wi-Fi network, disconnect your computer or mobile device from the network name (SSID), and then reconnect it to the same network name your printer is connected to. If the printer is available and has a ready status, the issue is resolved.

Select Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change advanced sharing settings. In the Advanced sharing settings dialog box, expand the Private section. Next, under Network discovery, select Turn on network discovery. Under File and printer sharing, select Turn on file and printer sharing.
The optical sensor calibrates the printer to the specific ink cartridges and print heads, which eliminates the need for customers to manually calibrate the printer. The sensor also ensures the printer is properly calibrated to the print head nozzles to deliver optimal print quality.
During the printing process, paper, toner and dust particles can accumulate inside the printer. Over time, this buildup can cause print-quality problems such as toner specks or smearing. This printer has a cleaning mode that can correct and prevent these types of problems.
Synonyms of unknown (adj. obscure, mysterious) anonymous.
adj. 1 not known, understood, or recognized. 2 not established, identified, or discovered.
To remove printer and driver on Windows 10, open Settings > Printers & scanners, select the printer, and click “Remove device.” Then open Print management > Custom Filters > All Drivers, right-click the driver, and select “Delete.”
Run Diagnose & Fix

Open the HP Smart app, and then open Diagnose & Fix. Windows: Click the Diagnose & Fix icon in the bottom left corner. macOS: Click your printer, click Printers in the top menu bar, and then click Diagnose & Fix.

It doesn`t slow down your computer as there are no processes or CPU activity associated with them. It adds clutter to Device manager and in general I would say that you should either remove them or fix them. But it won`t have an impact on performance.
Ghost prints happen when the drum or fuser unit within your printer become faulty. Because a fault with this element won`t heat the particles of the toner to a high enough temperature, the marks being made on the paper are much lighter in colour and appear more faded than typical documents.
Open Device Manager. Right-click Unknown device and click Update Driver Software. Select the `Search automatically for updated driver software` option, then Windows will install the new driver automatically.
Go to your Google Account:

You might need to sign in. Under “Security,” select Sign-in & security. Select Devices. Next to the device you want to remove, select More Remove device.

unknown device just means that someone logged into the account on a device that was not previously associated with the google account.
Reset. Resetting the printer stops printing and clears the current print job received from the active interface. You may want to reset the printer when there is a problem with the print job itself and the printer cannot print successfully.
Restoring the factory-set defaults returns most of the settings to the factory defaults. It will not reset the page count, tray size, or language.
If the error message, Unknown device appears, this can indicate that there is not adequate power and the PC can not identify the printer correctly. Verify that there are no extension cables and that the power cable is no longer than five meters. Reseat the power cables.

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