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Why? Windows can detect and “sort of” support your printer – the Windows Drivers may not be enough to allow the printer to be designated as the “Default Printing Device”. Without this designation, the “Fax” portion of the printer might think it is the default printing device.
Start by checking your hardware

If you`re using a wired printer, make sure that the printer cable is properly connected from the printer to your PC. For wireless printers, check the wireless connection. Make sure the printer`s wireless option is turned on and available.

Connecting Printer to Your Computer Via USB

You have to plug one end of the USB cable into the printer and the other end into your computer. Make sure that the cable is connected firmly. After that, go to the control panel and select the printer option. From there, choose the Panasonic printer and set it as default.

In Control Panel, go to Hardware and Sound. Next, click on Devices and Printers. Under the Printers section, locate and select the printer device you want to remove. Right-click on the printer and select Remove Device.
Check the fax connection

Check for phone line connection issues that might cause fax receiving to fail. Confirm the fax cords are in the correct ports: The phone line should be connected to the 1-LINE port and the answering machine, if used, should be connected to the 2-EXT port on the back of the printer.

Select Start > Settings > Devices > Printers & scanners or use the following button. Select Add a printer or scanner. Wait for it to find nearby scanners, then choose the one you want to use, and select Add device.
Otherwise, try to perform a power reset on your machine. To do so, you must remove all plugged connections and press the off button. Wait for at least 30 seconds before reconnecting the cables, then switch the machine back on. See to it that your device is ready before attempting to send another fax.
If the LabelWriter appears as Unspecified or Unknown in Devices and Printers on Windows, it usually means that the computer has not identified that device as a printer yet.
If you use traditional analog technology to send a fax, you can test the fax line by making a phone call. Dial the recipient`s number and listen to a fax machine`s sound. The fax line is active and working if you hear a tone or beeping sound.
To test a fax machine simply fax to somebody else with a fax machine – and have them send a reply fax back to you. When sending the fax, turn on the confirmation page feature – a successful confirmation page shows that the fax machine on the other end has successfully received the message.
If your machine has FAX functions:

Press Settings. Press the Up or Down arrow key to display Network, and then press OK. Press the Up or Down arrow key to display Network Reset, and then press OK. Follow the machine`s instruction to reset the network settings.

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