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The “Scanner error 5” usually triggers when the scanner`s drive motor fails. Fortunately, replacing the scanner assembly (which includes the motor) is not considered difficult. Our installation instructions are available below. Click here to purchase a replacement scanner assembly.
Issue: The printer control panel will be displaying 49 service error while sending faxes. The receiving fax will be lost, and the printer will display the same error even after reboot. Performing a factory reset and a firmware upgrade is the only solution for this issue.
Paper Jam in Input Tray.
52 Scanner Error

The product has experienced an internal hardware error. Turn off the power by using the power switch, wait at least 30 seconds, and then turn on the power and wait for the product to initialize. If a surge protector is being used, remove it. Plug the product directly into the wall socket.

Error code E05

This error code may cause an orange light on your machine to blink 5 times and is caused by the print head not being installed at all or it may have been installed incorrectly.

The main cause of the issue is the absence of the printer driver software. Driver software that are incompatible with the system and also software that lack updates are other reasons that cause the printer error 5 to occur. Also, driver software for a particular device should be configured after its installation.
This error can be caused by having insufficient memory on the device. e.g. multiple apps are installed on the MFP at the same time. Note đź’ˇ It is recommended for the PaperCut partner to do the steps below, as opposed to the end customer, as the MFP will need to be reconfigured with PaperCut Hive and PaperCut MF.
The “Wrong Cartridge Type/Installed” / “Print cartridge is not compatible with this device” / “Cartridge Error” / “Print Cartridge Error” / `blinking lights” alert/error message is typically indicative of failed micro-electronics internal to the ink cartridge(s).
a 52 Scanner error indicates the laser/scanner which writes the image to the drum has malfunctioned. This is a hardware error and most times the actual laser/scanner assembly needs to be replaced.
Error Code 5 is a Windows error code that appears when the user does not have sufficient permission to access the requested file or location.
Fix 5: Change User Account Control Settings

The User Account Control (UAC) may block you adding new program/software. Therefore, you should turn it off in order to avoid system error 5. Type UserAccountControlSettings into Windows search box. Select UserAccountControlSettings from the result or just hit Enter.

Usually, the error “5:Access denied” indicates that the program doesn`t have permission to access the folder, right-clicking on VS Code shortcut and selecting the option “Run as Administrator” should fix the problem.
A 49 error can be intermittent or persistent: Intermittent 49 errors – Occur only part of the time with the printer alternating between functioning correctly for a period of time and then not functioning again. These errors are typically cleared by turning the printer off, and then on.
Most times the 49 error is a firmware error and not a driver error. It is usually casued by a bad print job trying to print and confusing the printer. You need to disconnect the printer from the computer and/or network and turn the power on and see if the printer comes to ready.
This error might happen at any time for multiple reasons. The most common causes are due to the printer being asked to perform an action that the firmware is not capable of, and might not have been designed to perform, such as: Printing files with unsupported programming commands.
41.02 error on this printer is a laser/scanner error. If the message does not clear, then you need to replace the laser/scanner. If you are not getting a 41.02 error, then report back with the correct number. The 05 does not mean anything.
The printer experienced a black drum motor M3 error. 59.05. 50 Black drum motor startup abnormality.
Conclusion. The error 27 can be avoided by installing a reliable antivirus or anti-malware tool and keeping your system updated with latest Windows updates. Also, frequently check for driver updates on your system vendor? s support website, and update your system drivers with the latest version.
Open the HP Print and Scan Troubleshooter

Make sure the printer is on and connected to your laptop. Select HP Print and Scan Doctor on the HP Customer Support page to download the troubleshooter. Click HPPSdr.exe to open the software`s window. Click Start and select the printer that doesn`t scan.

Method 1 – Basic Troubleshooting

Check the connection status between your printer and your PC. Ensure the printer, the PC, and the network or cable are correctly connected. Restart your HP printer. Power it off and unplug the power cord.

This error is due to the scanner driver not being installed properly.
Turn the product on while you press and hold the Resume button for 10-20 seconds. The Attention light turns on. Release the Resume button. The Attention and Ready lights cycle while the product restores factory defaults.
A Scanner Error 22 error message displays on the printer control panel when you try to scan from the printer. This error might display when extra weight or pressure is applied to the scanner glass, such as when scanning an open book. The weight or pressure can stall the scanner mechanism.

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