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Tray 2 lift error can be caused by a damaged, dislodged cartridge contact in the body of the printer, which would explain why multiple cartridges do not solve the problem. Open the cartridge door, remove the cartridge and inspect the contacts on the left side, they should look the same as the picture below.
The flag located right of the pick-up roller has a fixed position. If the flag becomes stuck or broken, it will produce a 60.02 tray lift error or a “LOAD PAPER” message.
This issue is caused when the pickup roller is dislodged or not installed correctly. The error message occurs due to the interference between the pickup roller and the lift plate in the paper input unit.
Under Hardware and Sound, click Printer. Right-click your product, and then select Printing Preferences. From the Printing Preferences menu, select Paper/Quality. From the Paper Source drop-down menu, select Tray 2.
Do not attempt to lift by bending forward. Bend your hips and knees to squat down to your load, keep it close to your body, and straighten your legs to lift. Never lift a heavy object above shoulder level. Avoid turning or twisting your body while lifting or holding a heavy object.
Tray 2 holds up to 250 sheets of 75 g/m2 paper.
The 60.02 error may have shown up because the paper sheets may have been installed in the wrong way. To correctly reinstall the input tray, you need to take out all the paper sheets as well as the tray. Carefully, again keep the sheets in the tray ensuring that the alignment of all the paper sheets is correct.
It means that tray 2 and its lift motor are not working. Do you hear thumping or banging sounds? This is also common for a 60.2 error.
The printer experiences a paper jam from Tray 2, or the printer does not pick paper or picks more than one sheet from Tray 2. A 13. B2. D2 paper jam error usually occurs when paper does not leave the paper tray.
just GOTO settings > printer properties of your printer > preferences>paper quality >change the paper to A4 size . and restart the printer.
If the paper is even slightly askew, the rollers will pick it up a little crooked, and — guess what — the crooked sheet will immediately get jammed. So even though there`s no paper stuck when you start printing, the loose paper guides are ensuring that a sheet gets jammed whenever the printer starts doing its thing.
Improperly Loading Paper into the Device

Loading paper that is stuck together, frayed, curled or bent can cause a jam. Overloading the paper tray, loading different thicknesses of paper in the tray or using paper that isn`t appropriate for your particular printer can all result in a jammed printer.

The two parts of lift that go down a mine are called Hoist cable and Sheave wheel. The main significance of hoist cables in the lifts: With the help of a weight-carrying pulley system, it lifts heavy-weight in the lift or elevator. A sheave wheel is also called a pulley wheel.
If it is too heavy or an awkward shape, stop. If there is any doubt, ask for help from fellow workers. Try to use a mechanical lift or a hand truck. Try to break the load down into smaller parts.
Stand up slowly and lift the box with your legs

Keeping your knees bent and your back straight, carefully and slowly lift the box using the strength of your legs. By lifting with your legs (and not with your back), you`ll be much less likely to strain or injure your muscles.

For example, the term 2-Up could describe two images that are designed to print side by side as well as two images that print one above the other. Basically, Multiple Up images could print in a horizontal row, a vertical column or any combination of rows and columns that provides efficient placement on the paper.

Printer is an output device that allows a user to print items on paper, such as letters and pictures.

Open the Printers and Faxes window, right click on the printer, and choose “Properties.” There should be a “Printing Preferences” option there. Anything you set there becomes the default for all future printing.
Generally when the printer tells you to print to tray 1 it means the job being sent to the printer is asking for a paper size and/or type that the printer does not think it has in any tray. Check you paper size and type settings for trays 2 and 3 and then check what each job is asking.
System error 02:10

A problem has occurred with the carriage assembly. Turn the printer off and allow a few minutes for printer to cool. Turn the printer on and attempt to verify functionality. If the problem persists, click on Support at the top of the page for additional HP support and contact options.

The thermostat will display error code E02 if the password to the home router was entered incorrectly. The thermostat will automatically progress to the WiFi Set Up screen after 30 seconds.
If you see this error code 50.5 on an HP LaserJet 4200, 4240, 4250, 4300, or 4350 series printer, the fuser installed in the printer is registering as an incorrect fuser for that model printer.
This error is primarily caused by a transfer alienation failure in which the ITB is stuck and unable to rotate, the SR9 sensor (the primary transfer roller disengagement sensor) has gone bad or the fuser drive assembly has failed.
41.2 Error Code on HP Laser Printers

The arcing occurs in the toner/transfer area, and can be caused by a defective toner cartridge, bad high voltage or ground connections to the toner cartridge or transfer roller, or a defective high voltage power supply.

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Laserjet M603DN tray 2 not lifting
ANSWER : I had a similar issue with a M602, though it’s the previous generation machine they are close in design. This one kept saying tray 2 lifting but there was not a sound of the motor even trying. My first thoughts were replace the lift motor then DC controller but it was replacing the formatter that fixed it after other parts made no difference.

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HP Laserjet 2200, Tray 2 Pickup Problem, Gears Clicking
ANSWER : Definitely not a solenoid problem. I’ve worked on tens of thousands of printers and never replaced a single solenoid. You probably knocked something loose when you installed the pickup roller. Maybe something to do with the gear on the end of the pickup roller shaft. You’ll need to take the gear assembly off to be able to see it.

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HP Laser Jet 4250 13.01.00 Jam in Tray 2
ANSWER : did you check if there’s multiple feeding while pulling papers

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Paper jam in tray 2 (but no paper pulled from tray) also M476DN models
ANSWER : Isopropyl alcohol is not recommended for rubber rollers. It dries out the rubber and hasten it’s cracking and breaking. It will do nothing to restore the grip. Those rollers are really hard to replace. It would be easy if that dumbass secondary menu really worked. None of the techs I’ve spoke to ever got into it. Everyone I know sends a print job and listens for the roller to rotate into position where you can pull it off.

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HP LJ 4350 – Tray 2 not lifting, no motors turn.
ANSWER : I can’t believe, pieces of paper was under the registration flap, now my 4250N is working.

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Laserjet 4250 print quality issue (see image)
ANSWER : It looks like a fuser problem. One way to prove it is with the half-stop test. Put a sheet in the drop down manual feed tray. Send a print job and watch the paper. When the end of it is about to enter the printer, open the lid and take out the toner cartridge. Look at the printed image. If it looks OK, then it is a fuser problem. If not, then it is a toner cartridge issue since it hasn’t gone through the fuser.

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HP Laserjet 4250 – RFU LOAD ERROR
ANSWER : Italiano:

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ANSWER : 49 errors are communications errors. 99.99% of the time you clear out the job and restart the printer and it goes away. The noise is most likely a worn gear that drives the fuser. Remove the fuser unit from the back of the printer and look down at the left side. If you see a pile of grayish dust, look up at the gear above and you’ll see it is worn. It’s called the swing plate assembly. You can buy the whole assembly, which requires a lot of dismantling to get to, or you can just buy the one gear, which only requires removing the formatter assy (2 screws) and one screw holding the axle for the gear.

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