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If you see this error code 50.5 on an HP LaserJet 4200, 4240, 4250, 4300, or 4350 series printer, the fuser installed in the printer is registering as an incorrect fuser for that model printer.
This error is primarily caused by a transfer alienation failure in which the ITB is stuck and unable to rotate, the SR9 sensor (the primary transfer roller disengagement sensor) has gone bad or the fuser drive assembly has failed.
The 13.02 error message indicates that paper did not clear the top of page sensor (PS103) within the specified amount of time allotted by the DC Controller. This sensor is located underneath the registration assembly. The jam message may vary depending on the location of the page or pages that may be jammed.
A fuser unit is a pair of heated rollers within the printer that fuses the toner onto the paper being printed on. Toner particles are pulled to the paper to create the desired text and images as the paper passes the imaging drum.
Streaking, smudging, black lines, and double images are all symptoms of a bad fuser. When you notice these printing defects and experience problems, such as paper jams or wrinkles, this is a good sign to replace the fuser kit.
Error code 59.40 for HP Laserjet 4350 means that your printer has a print cartridge motor error.
41.2 Error Code on HP Laser Printers

The arcing occurs in the toner/transfer area, and can be caused by a defective toner cartridge, bad high voltage or ground connections to the toner cartridge or transfer roller, or a defective high voltage power supply.

If you are seeing the 41.3 error on a LaserJet 4, 4Plus, or 5 series printer, and you find a blank sheet of paper in the path, your printer is probably having a failure with the solenoid on the paper feed assembly. This is becoming a common issue as these printers get older.
00 or a 50.22. 11 error displays on the control panel, it indicates an issue with the fuser warming up. Step 1: Turn the printer off, and then on. Turn the printer off, and then on to clear the error.
Verify that the toner cartridge and the transfer roller are seated correctly. Ensure that the tray pickup, feed, and separation rollers are installed correctly and show no damage or wear. Check if the rollers are installed correctly.
Turn the product on while you press and hold the Resume button for 10-20 seconds. The Attention light turns on. Release the Resume button. The Attention and Ready lights cycle while the product restores factory defaults.
Turn the printer off. Disconnect the power cable from the printer for 30 seconds and then reconnect. Turn the printer on while you press and hold the Resume button for 10-20 seconds.
Fuser Units

The coating wears off and causes the toner to not fuse properly. There are replacement rollers and sleeves on the market that you can replace and turn a non-functional fuser into a good working one. Rebuilding fuser assemblies is not a new thing.

The message `Fuser Error` or `Self-Diagnostic` means either the fuser has reached the maximum temperature allowed or there has been an error in detection of the correct temperature during specific times of the printing process.
This error might display if the fuser temperature becomes too hot. Follow these steps to turn off the printer and allow the fuser to cool before printing again. Press the Power button to turn off the printer. Disconnect the power cord from the rear of the printer.
If your printer is turned on, disconnect the power cord from the printer. Keep the power plug unplugged for 60 seconds, reconnect the power cord to the wall, and turn on the printer. If the error persists, remove the cartridge from the printer, clean the cartridge contacts with a cloth, and reinstall the cartridges.
59.10 is a main drive error, which could be a bound up fuser. 51.10 is a laser error, which could be a bad laser unit. Which error do you have? If the printer can print an engine test, then you may have a bad formatter.
It means that tray 2 and its lift motor are not working. Do you hear thumping or banging sounds? This is also common for a 60.2 error.
When a 99.09. 67 error is displayed on the control panel, it indicates that firmware is not loaded on the hard disk drive. This is usually the result of installing a new disk or performing a Clean Disk command.
The laser/scanner assembly needs to be replaced as one of the motors has gone bad inside the assembly.
Error code 41 usually occurs whenever users attempt to print a document or picture and usually occurs when certain changes are made to Windows. For example, users might have installed the wrong drivers, or the responsible service is not running.
This is tipically caused if two or more sheets stick together in the product or if the tray is not properly adjusted“.
Check printer configuration

Incorrect configuration of printer related settings can also cause “Printer not activated, error code 41”. This problem is also known to come up if the selected printer is not set as the default printer to carry out the printing tasks.

63.00. 41 There is an error in the toner supplied to the black developer. HP LaserJet Black Developer Unit: 8JM70-67001 (E783xx series) or JC96-11666A (E778xx series}. If the firmware bundle installed on the printer is lower than 4.6.

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What repair needs to be done for a "50 needs repair" message on an HP Laserjet IIIP?
ANSWER : I don’t know what you mean by good toner cartridges. They haven’t been built in about 10 years, so if they are new OEMs in the box, they are guaranteed to fail. The 50 error on that printer is mostly a burned out fuser lamp. This site was sold, so as you can see, there are no more kits available.

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HP Laserjet 4250 – RFU LOAD ERROR
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Service manual for an HP Laserjet 4250 (or 4250n)
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Laserjet 4250 print quality issue (see image)
ANSWER : It looks like a fuser problem. One way to prove it is with the half-stop test. Put a sheet in the drop down manual feed tray. Send a print job and watch the paper. When the end of it is about to enter the printer, open the lid and take out the toner cartridge. Look at the printed image. If it looks OK, then it is a fuser problem. If not, then it is a toner cartridge issue since it hasn’t gone through the fuser.

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HP LaserJet 49 Error Troubleshooting
ANSWER : One must give a chance to 25dollarsupport its a Fix $ price Computer Tech support company, which is the best option in present crowded market. Quite dependable and cost effective..

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HP 4250 13.06.00 Fuser output paper stop !
ANSWER : pick up solenoid

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HP 4250, error 54.1 Remove sealing tape from toner
ANSWER : I am having the same problem as everyone else can someone send me a new link or the pdf

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laserjet 4200 4250 4300 4350
ANSWER : I just (by mistake) bought the tone 381 for 4200 by mistake on eBay. I just cut off the extra plastic noses and it does work now with my 4250! I’m really glad about that ;D

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