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If the error message, Unknown device appears, this can indicate that there is not adequate power and the PC can not identify the printer correctly. Verify that there are no extension cables and that the power cable is no longer than five meters. Reseat the power cables.
An Er/04, Er/05, or Er/06 error message indicates paper is jammed inside the printer. To resolve the issue, find and clear the printer of any jammed paper, or reset the printer if the printer has no jammed paper.
If you see an “unknown accessory detected near you” message (or similar), it means there`s an item compatible with the Find My network that might be traveling with you. If so, its owner may be able to see your location. You should look to see if something you`re borrowing has such a device attached.
Faulty power cords and connections are an uncommon but possible cause of a printer not turning on. Before suspecting a cord failure, ensure that there is power to the wall outlet and there are no conditions preventing the printer from turning on. Testing by substitution can confirm if a cord connection is the problem.
The Power button is blinking. This condition might be caused by an open ink cartridge access door, an empty input tray, a paper jam, or a carriage jam. An error message might display on your computer. If a `paper jam` error message displays on your computer, try the steps to clear the paper jam.
Error code E04 means that the FINE cartridge in your printer is not installed correctly. To remove the cartridges you will need to push the output tray back in before opening the cover.
If your printer`s status displays “Printer in error state,” there may be a problem with the printer itself. Make sure the printer is turned on and connected to your PC by Wi-Fi or cable. Check it for low paper or ink, and be sure the cover isn`t open and the paper isn`t jammed.
Most printers will stop working when they`re out of paper, ink or toner, or if the unit detects an issue with the ink or toner cartridge. When this occurs, you might receive an error message or notice blinking green or amber lights on your printer.
Status unknown means a circumstance where samples were scheduled to be taken by the regional water quality control plant and were not, samples were taken but not yet analyzed by the report due date or where a new discharger has yet to be sampled.
FIX Unknown Device Drivers with Windows Update

Open Device Manager and go to the device in question in your device. Typically, it is listed as an Unknown Device in the Other devices node and expands the section. Right-click on the Unknown Device and select Update Driver.

The fuse protects your printer from short circuits and power overload. It is placed between the power outlet and the switch on the left side of the printer. If your machine does not start after pressing the power switch, at first you should check if the power cable is connected to a power source.
A component found in electrostatic printers, laser printers, and xerographic printers and photocopiers. The fuser unit is used to permanently bond toner to a substrate by applying heat and pressure. A fuser unit is made up of two rollers; one to apply heat and one to apply pressure.
The Power light blinks at a steady interval when the printer is processing a print job. If the Power light blinks fast, the ink cartridge door might be open, or the printer might be in an error state. If an error message displays on the computer screen, follow the on-screen messages to resolve the issue.
The Power button is blinking. This condition might be caused by an open ink cartridge access door, an empty input tray, a paper jam, or a carriage jam. An error message might display on your computer. If a `paper jam` error message displays on your computer, try the steps to clear the paper jam.
The blinking power light indicates that the unit has a cartridge problem. There could be several reasons for this: 1. Incorrect, defective or swapped cartridges.
Printer sleep mode

Go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers. Right-click the printer in question, then select Printer Preferences. Look for an option to disable sleep or time-out mode.

This is due to the energy saving setting in the HP printer configuration, Auto Off after sleep. This setting must be disabled when there is any USB device connected to the printer, otherwise it wakes the printer from sleep mode after few minutes.
In Event Viewer dashboard, click Applications and Services Logs –> Microsoft –> Windows –> Print Service –> Operational. Double click Operational. All print events can be viewed here.
This problem may occur if a file that the Windows Product Activation (WPA) requires is damaged or missing. This behavior occurs if one or both of the following conditions are true: A third-party backup utility or an antivirus program interferes with the installation of Windows XP.
Error Code

(For only 04-201) If this error keeps happening, it`s needed to check if the device has a defect or not. If this error keeps happening, it`s needed to check if the device has a defect or not. Move closer devices between mobile phones. Move closer devices between mobile phones.

What Causes the Windows Media Creation Tool Error Code 0x80072f8f – 0x20000? The common cause of the error code, especially in Windows 7, is the lack of support for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2. In other cases, the error could be showing up because of the software distribution folder or application conflicts.
A mistake in anything that`s printed is a misprint. You might also call it a typographical error or typo.
An HP ink system error can also be caused by low or empty ink or toner cartridges. If you spot an “Ink System Failure” message before discovering the error, then replace the ink or toner cartridge to resolve the problem.
1. On the printer display home screen, select the “set up” button (it looks like a gear). 2. Select “settings” > “device settings” > “reset settings” > “reset all” > “OK” and then “Yes.”

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LaserJet 4 won't Power Up
ANSWER : I haven’t seen that particular behavior on that model. It either works or it doesn’t. My first choice would be the power supply.

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Unknown Printer

No lights, no action despite power
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Error 51 Beam Detect Failure
ANSWER : I have never seen a scanner assy. go bad on one of those printers. I would suspect the DC controller board as that provides the voltage to the scanner assy. and displays the error codes as well. I’ve replaced quite a few of those.

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Unknown Printer

Laserjet 9000 57.5 cycle power
ANSWER : according to the manual, the solution should be replacing part RH7-5296-000CN (or use alternate part RH7-1658) for 9000 / 9040 / 9050….have you tried it? …..if you’ve got any questions, contact me, Audrey, case study writer in tech and stuff

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Unknown Printer

HP Laserjet 6MP wont feed paper
ANSWER : I had a similar paper pickup problem on laserjet 6mp. The printer would go through start-up sequence fine but when it received a print job you could here the main gears/rollers turning but no clicking from paper pickup solenoid, then eventually error lights would come one . I incorrectly assumed it was an error with the paper pickup mechanism and wasted a whole day taking the printer apart and replacing the paper pick mechanism. Long story short, if I had bothered to figure out the secondary error light codes from the start, I would have realized it was just a bad fuser and would not have wasted so much time.

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Unknown Printer

How to copy a card slot in HP laserjet 4250N
ANSWER : None that I know of, using a computer is likely your best option but I never attempted it.

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Unknown Printer

HP Laserjet M3035xs RFU Upgrade
ANSWER : There’s no way.

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Unknown Printer

What repair needs to be done for a "50 needs repair" message on an HP Laserjet IIIP?
ANSWER : I don’t know what you mean by good toner cartridges. They haven’t been built in about 10 years, so if they are new OEMs in the box, they are guaranteed to fail. The 50 error on that printer is mostly a burned out fuser lamp. This site was sold, so as you can see, there are no more kits available.

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Unknown Printer