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I have a konica bizhub 215, It was good for a year so far i bought it, however today the image is still nice but it’s easy to be blur when i erase it by hand, the toner is easy to drop out, please help me, thanks.

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How to Identify and Fix Common printer Problems ?

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To check the printer name, select [Administrator Setting] – [Network Setting] – [NIC Setting] – [Bonjour Setting] of this machine. In the default setting, the contents enclosed in parentheses ( ) suffixed in [Bonjour Name] correspond to the low-order three bytes of the MAC address.
If you are using a USB connection, make sure that the cable is properly connected. If your printer is connected via wireless network, verify that the wireless connection is working. If all seems fine, restart the printer and try again. If the Konica printer is offline, the error can be caused by faulty printer drivers.
Open the [Printers] window, [Printers and Faxes] window, or [Devices and Printers] window. Execute [Install printers/MFPs] or [Add Printer]. The [Add Printer Wizard] appears. In the port settings, browse the network and specify the name of the created queue (or NDPS printer name).
Through Print Driver − on PC select: Start − Printers / faxes − Right click on Konica print icon − Properties − Ports Tab − Configure port − you should now be able to see IP Address.
Select the Start button, then select Settings > Devices > Printers & scanners . Under Printers & scanners, look for your printer. If you see your printer listed, you`ll know it`s installed.
Remove and Re-Add Your Printer in Windows

If this happens, go to Settings > Devices > Printers & Scanners, select your printer, and remove it. Then click Add a Printer or Scanner to re-add it to the device list.

Some of the most common printer problems that most of us have experienced include paper jamming, slow printing, uneven printing, and wrong colour output. If you use your printer frequently, we know how annoying it can be to have persisting problems with the printer.
Start your mobile application and tap the Settings icon. (Mobile Cable Label Tool users must also tap [Printer Settings] – [Printer].) Select the printer listed under [Wi-Fi Printer]. You can now print from your device wirelessly.
Import Printers

Open Print Management on the new print server then navigate to Migrate Printers… like before. This time choose Import printer queues and printer drivers to a file and choose the file that you exported from the old print server. Test out printing from your new print server and then call it a day.

Your printer`s IP address is the 12-digit ID number and is used to connect the printer to the internet or to another device. If your printer has a problem, knowing your printer`s IP address can help you fix it faster.
In the Properties dialog, select the Web Services tab. Check in the IP Address field at the bottom to see if this is the printer you want. If so, make a note of the printer`s name from the top of the tab. Otherwise, move on to the next printer registered with your machine until you find the correct IP address.
Most printers will stop working when they`re out of paper, ink or toner, or if the unit detects an issue with the ink or toner cartridge. When this occurs, you might receive an error message or notice blinking green or amber lights on your printer.
The most common reason is an unreliable connection between the printer and the computer. You might also have a paper jam, out-of-date drivers or a print spooler service with bad data.
The Print Spooler is software built into the Windows operating system that temporarily stores print jobs in the computer`s memory until the printer is ready to print them. In some circumstances you may need to stop and/or restart the service.
A mistake in anything that`s printed is a misprint. You might also call it a typographical error or typo.
Click the Start button, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel. Right-click the System icon, and click Open in the menu that appears. Select the Device Manager tab. Select ECP Printer Port under Ports [COM & LPT], then click the Properties button.
To view detailed information for troubleshooting purposes, you can configure settings so that the error code is displayed simultaneously. In the administrator mode, select [Maintenance] – [Network Error Code Display Setting], and set [Error Code Display] to [ON] (Default: [OFF]).
Home > Utility > Administrator Settings > Enter Admin Password > Network Settings > IP Settings >IPV4 Settings > Press on Manual IP > Enter IP.
The MAC address of the printer is assigned when connected to a network. The simplest way to view the MAC address is to connect to a network, and view it by navigating to the network menu on your printers display. The MAC address is obtained from the network connectivity type.
An IP address is a string of numbers separated by periods. IP addresses are expressed as a set of four numbers — an example address might be Each number in the set can range from 0 to 255. So, the full IP addressing range goes from to
The IPv4 Connectivity Error Duplicate IPv4 Address Detected message occurs when another networked device, such as a tablet, cell phone, computer or another printer has been connected to the network and assigned the same IPv4 Address as the Xerox Multifunction Device by DHCP.
Click on “Wi-Fi network” in the taskbar. Select the network you`re connected to. Click on “Properties.” Scroll down to the bottom of the window — your IP will be shown next to “IPv4 address.”
The answer is no. The IP address is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. The port number is used so the data is directed to the correct location within this device.

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konica bizhub 215
ANSWER : hy ,

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Unknown Printer

Error code sc27-04
ANSWER : Sorry the code is sc27-04

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Heat Settings
ANSWER : Can’t change the heat settings, but changing paper type might help.

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Blank page with strips
ANSWER : That would be a bad wiper blade in the drum unit. Either the black or color drums. Whatever color or black the stripes are.

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Unknown Printer

cannot connect to printer
ANSWER : You may have to manually enter the IP address and assign a specific port number on the PC for the printer to work…I’ve had to do that occassionally.

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Unknown Printer

ANSWER : I have the exact same problem, been buying new cartridges, so i know it is definitely not empty, but the problem still persists. if you solved it or anyone else can offer any help, very much appriciated. Thanks!

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Unknown Printer

Toner cartridge full, printer displays: "empty needs replacing"
ANSWER : I once went to a customer who had a similar issue. They had installed new cartridges and judging from the box, they looked OEM. Strange thing was they felt empty when lifted and they were missing the chip on the outside that tells the printer it is installed and keeps track of how many copies were printed with that cartridge. The printer has no other way of knowing if the cartridge is full or empty.

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Unknown Printer

ANSWER : are you printing on thick paper or paper with a rough texture. I have experienced the same. The solution was to change the paper setting for the bypass tray to “Thick 1” or “Thick 2”.

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Unknown Printer