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How to Identify and Fix Common Problems ?

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Check Cables and Printer USB Ports

Check all cable connections (including the power cord) on the printer side. If the printer does have power and you`ve properly connected the communication cable, but the printer is still not recognized, try switching to a different USB port on the PC.

IPP stands for Internet Printing Protocol… It allows programs to send one or more print jobs to the printer or print server and perform administration such as querying the status of a printer, obtaining the status of print jobs, or cancelling individual print jobs.
Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) printing allows you to send and manage print information from a variety of remote sites by sending print information over the Internet or intranet. IPP is a versatile printing method, and is supported by a variety of printers and network adapters.
Open the start menu and select Control Panel > Administrative Tools > and choose the Services icon. Locate the Print Spooler service and right-click. Then select the option to “Stop” the service.
Usually a quick paper setting adjustment will clear up a ghosting issue right away. Run a cleaning – Most printers have a cleaning function built into the machine. Run this a couple of times to attempt to clear up the printing issue. Inspect the drum – Sometimes excess toner powder can stick to the drum.
On most modern computers, you can use a tool called netstat to list the devices on your network. On Windows, type “cmd” in the search box on the Start Menu or task bar, then click the icon to load the Windows command prompt. Type “netstat” to list active connections, which may include your printer.
Line Printer Daemon – LPD: Allows access to some older printers and print servers that use this protocol. Internet Printing Protocol – IPP: Allows access to modern printers and print servers.
IPP is a print application that can be used on Windows etc. By using this print application, you can print not only to a printer on your LAN, but also to a remote printer via the Internet. IPPS is a print application that performs SSL encrypted communication when using IPP.
Dedicated print server devices are connected to a printer through a USB, parallel or wireless connection. Devices typically have a connection to the local area network (LAN) and multiple other printers. Print servers installed on a computer are networked with multiple printers.
Like all IP-based protocols, IPP can run locally or over the Internet. Unlike other printing protocols, IPP also supports access control, authentication, and encryption, making it a much more capable and secure printing mechanism than older ones.
Ghost prints happen when the drum or fuser unit within your printer become faulty. Because a fault with this element won`t heat the particles of the toner to a high enough temperature, the marks being made on the paper are much lighter in colour and appear more faded than typical documents.
Ghost printers are printers that continue to appear in Windows although they have not been used or installed on your system in a long time, which may have been years.
In order to discover the published printers, clients must have the correct DNS settings. Here`s where you`ll find the settings: Windows: Network Connections > IPv4 > Properties > Advanced > DNS Tab. macOS: System Preferences > Network > Advanced > DNS Tab.
On your computer or mobile device, open the HP Smart app. On the app home screen, right-click or long-press the printer icon, and then click Hide Printer. Click Hide Printer again to confirm.
Every printer contains an IP address that allows it to seamlessly connect to your computer (or other devices) through your Wi-Fi network. Here`s everything you need to know about finding your printer IP address—as well as some information about how printer IP addresses work.
Port 9100 is selected in Windows as the Standard TCP/IP port.
What is a printer`s IP address? Your printer`s IP address is the 12-digit ID number and is used to connect the printer to the internet or to another device. If your printer has a problem, knowing your printer`s IP address can help you fix it faster.
Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)

TCP: Typically, IPP uses TCP as its transport protocol. The well known TCP port for IPP traffic is 631.

IPP stands for Internet Printing Protocol… It allows programs to send one or more print jobs to the printer or print server and perform administration such as querying the status of a printer, obtaining the status of print jobs, or cancelling individual print jobs.
PCL and PS are two types of printer drivers that are used by a computer to communicate with a printer. PCL is an abbreviation for Printer Control Language, whereas PS is an abbreviation for PostScript. PS drivers are used for printers that support Adobe`s PostScript language.
Print flows

Print data sent from an application is received by the printer driver. The data is sent to the image controller via the USB interface for USB connection or via Ethernet (TCP/IP, etc.) for network connection. Then the data is passed from the image controller to this machine.

A print client seamlessly sends documents to printers and print servers anywhere in the world using the TCP/IP Internet protocol.
The idea of IPP Everywhere is to dispense with vendor-specific software on the client (a computer or mobile device) and have driverless printing supported printers.
IPP also provides excellent security by allowing Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. IPP printing solutions communicate using TCP/IP ports, and require an HTTP server, Java™, and Digital Certificate Manager (if SSL is used).

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My printer feeds through one piece of paper all the way and then a half piece of paper and stops. I pull out the paper to stop the paper jam and then it prints but sounds rough. After printing, it doesn't feed the paper all the way through.
ANSWER : And the first 2 sheets, the full and half sheet that go through first, are blank.

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when printing front and back, the front will print well but the back will fade
ANSWER : It happens because second side voltage is much higher and the board breaks. Are you getting this issue in auto duplex only, or same error you are getting when you print second side manually?

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Print file sent but no printing occurs
ANSWER : Been working on these since they first were released. Never seen a problem like yours. If it happens again, try doing an engine test, as it bypasses the formatter board. The engine test is located at the right side of the manual tray opening. Look for a hole in the side wall. Stick something like a paper clip into it to actuate the test button. It will then print a lined test page. If it does that, then it points to the formatter board as the cause of your problem.

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Prints blank pages, won't print from computer
ANSWER : Don’t know why you replaced the fuser, but assuming you had print before, then it must have been something you did during the procedure. Only thing I can suggest is to recheck your work. Just because you reinstalled a connector doesn’t mean that it is seated firmly enough to work. Any flat ribbon connectors that you removed and reinstalled, check to see that the contacts are all flat and not peeled back.

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Epson Artisan 835 print head cleaning question
ANSWER : I had the same problem. After reading the comments, I tried Liquid Wrench spray. 1st try got about sixty percent improvement. Tried again this time I let it set for about 10 min then did a head cleaning. Completely solved the problem. I am a little concerned about its use on plastic. So far so good.

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HP Deskjet 640c wont print??
ANSWER : yes

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My printing come out blurred
ANSWER : doris…There are usually 2 reasons for blurry output on this printer. First, make sure that the alignment is correct. You can get to it from the maintenance tab on the software that came with the printer. The other common cause of blurring is debris under the printhead. Hope this helps.

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problems with printing
ANSWER : Check your settings to make sure they are Left to Right print order. If they are then reinstall printer driver. If that doesn’t correct problem uninstall printer, reboot computer, and reinstall printer.

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