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Simply plug the USB cable from your printer into an available USB port on your PC, and turn the printer on. On the taskbar, select the Search icon, type Printers in the search bar, and then select Printers & scanners from the search results to open the Printers & scanners system setting.
CD printers are a style of printer that can produce a label to display on a compact disc.
Your printer should have been packaged with a USB cable regardless of whether it is a wireless or wired printer. Plug the cable into your printer and your computer`s USB port. The direct linking should trigger your computer to recognize the printer and start up the software needed to complete the installation.
Insert the CD-ROM that shipped with your printer into the CD-ROM drive. Click Start, then Settings, and finally Printers. Double-click the Add Printer icon.
Straighten the paper clip and insert it into the manual release hole until resistance is felt. Press in gently on the paper clip until the tray is released. Releasing the lock will allow the tray to open a small distance. Remove the paper clip and gently pull out the drawer until the disc is accessible.
Connect the power cord and adapter. Press to turn on the HP Photosmart. Be sure to follow the instructions on the display as it guides you through setting up and connecting the HP Photosmart. For computers without a CD/DVD drive, go to www.hp.com/support to download and install the software.

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Epson R200/R300 Engineers CD
ANSWER : I have r200 .Red lights flash continuously..Help please john birtill [email protected]

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Unknown Printer

OfficeJet D155xi all-in-one Installtion CD
ANSWER : I know it is now 8 years later but I had the same issue. I bought a D series which includes 4 printers that all use the same driver/software, the 125,35, 45, 55 in plain and XI flavors. Yes the printers are ancient and out of production. HP removed ALL support for ALL retired printers from their site, drivers and software. It IS available elsewhere. CNET,NO DEVICE, SOFTPEDIA are good choices as is OLD APPS. All .com’s. Another choice is EBAY, either the OEM or a good copy. SILICON GUIDE is a good brand. Even a seller might be willing to run off a copy. I do not use a network device other than a router for 4 computers, 2 active and 2 ports for test lines. Routers are PUG AND PLAY. It is rare that the CD, if you have one for yours needs to be run. Hope this helps.

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Unknown Printer