HP LaserJet 4L

How to Identify and Fix Common Problems ?

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Faulty power cords and connections are an uncommon but possible cause of a printer not turning on. Before suspecting a cord failure, ensure that there is power to the wall outlet and there are no conditions preventing the printer from turning on. Testing by substitution can confirm if a cord connection is the problem.
The power supply fuse for the HP LaserJet 1020 is a 10-amp fuse designed to protect the printer`s power supply from electrical overloads.
Make sure your devices are properly connected with each other, and the network or the cable you use to connect these devices is normal. You can also try restarting your HP printer. Turn it off completely and unplug the power cord, leave it for a couple of minutes, and then plug the cord back and power on the printer.
Printer sleep mode

Check that the printer does not have sleep mode enabled: Go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers. Right-click the printer in question, then select Printer Preferences. Look for an option to disable sleep or time-out mode.

The fuse protects your printer from short circuits and power overload. It is placed between the power outlet and the switch on the left side of the printer. If your machine does not start after pressing the power switch, at first you should check if the power cable is connected to a power source.
A component found in electrostatic printers, laser printers, and xerographic printers and photocopiers. The fuser unit is used to permanently bond toner to a substrate by applying heat and pressure. A fuser unit is made up of two rollers; one to apply heat and one to apply pressure.
Malfunctioning printers can also be taken care of at HP`s repair center by using HP`s repair and return offer. Service can be requested individually as required and supplemented by a 6-month warranty for repairs or a 12-month warranty for replacement parts.
Turn on the printer

Connect the power cord between the printer and a grounded AC outlet. Move the power switch on the lower-right bottom of the printer into the On position, and then press and release the On/off button on the front of the printer.

Restart your computer, and then immediately press the F11 key repeatedly. Click Start . Press and hold the Shift key, click Power, and then select Restart while holding the Shift key. Continue holding the Shift key while the computer restarts.
One of the common causes is the hardware faulty, such as the loose connection of your GPU, or the bad cables or port can also result in the screen not working. Apart from the hardware issue, your laptop screen can be black because of the software problems, such as the virus or the software corruption.
What to do when your HP printer not responding? This usually caused by an incompatible driver. The printer driver is either outdated or corrupted, thus stopping you from printing normally. It can also be your Printer Spooler service, and you might need to restart the service for it to work again.

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