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How to Identify and Fix Common Problems ?

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The 41.2 error in the LaserJet 5Si, 8000, 8100 and 8150 is typically caused by high voltage arcing that disrupts the beam detect circuit. The most common cause of arcing is a bad connection to the transfer roller.
Designed for architecture, engineering, and construction professionals to plot maps and CAD technical drawings.
41.2 Error Code on HP Laser Printers

The arcing occurs in the toner/transfer area, and can be caused by a defective toner cartridge, bad high voltage or ground connections to the toner cartridge or transfer roller, or a defective high voltage power supply.

Open your image in Adobe Acrobat. Select `Print` from the tool bar or by key command. On the print dialogue window do the following: For the Printer, select “HP Designjet T120”.
The reasons as to why “Printer not activated, error code 41” comes up on the system, includes problem with the printer software or printer drivers, incorrect configuration of printer settings, errors within the operating system installed on the system connected to the printer and more.
This error 41 is caused by a hardware device that`s been removed after the driver was loaded or by an issue with the device driver itself.
Unlike traditional printers that pass the paper over movable printheads, HP PageWide printheads are stationary. The paper goes under the actually page-wide, immovable printhead, at an incredible speed, while thousands of tiny ink nozzles apply the HP Thermal InkJet color.
The error may occur when there is a communication issue between the formatter and the scanner. Turn the printer off and then back on to clear the error message. note: Performing this action will remove all custom configurations, settings, and files.
In some cases the reason for error code 41.7 is that the rollers grabbing fresh paper are not sticky enough any more. In this case I used spray for climbing skins (e.g. colltex) to make them stickier again, and the problem was resolved.
Printing PDFs in a browser (Chrome, FireFox, Edge, etc.) In the Print dialog box, select the PLOTTER again under the list of printers. You may need to scroll to see it. Make sure it is selected.
If you are seeing the 41.3 error on a LaserJet 4, 4Plus, or 5 series printer, and you find a blank sheet of paper in the path, your printer is probably having a failure with the solenoid on the paper feed assembly. This is becoming a common issue as these printers get older.
63.00. 41 There is an error in the toner supplied to the black developer. HP LaserJet Black Developer Unit: 8JM70-67001 (E783xx series) or JC96-11666A (E778xx series}. If the firmware bundle installed on the printer is lower than 4.6.
Deskjet is a brand name for inkjet printers manufactured by Hewlett-Packard. These printers range from small domestic to large industrial models, although the largest models in the range have generally been dubbed DesignJet.
HP 746 Cartridges

HP 746 and 747 inks produce fade-resistant prints to last over 200 years (in dark storage – see HP for specific details).

The LaserJet Pro is a laser printer, while the PageWide uses a combination of laser and inkjet technologies. The PageWide yields significantly more pages at a much lower cost-per-print and its input tray holds more than half the amount of sheets the LaserJet Pro can.
IPP stands for Internet Printing Protocol… It allows programs to send one or more print jobs to the printer or print server and perform administration such as querying the status of a printer, obtaining the status of print jobs, or cancelling individual print jobs.
Unlike a LaserJet or InkJet printer, a PageWide printhead stays stationary while the paper itself moves across the print head and lays the ink flat across the page. With no moving parts, the paper flies through the device extremely fast—up to about 70 pages a minute!
As compared to a plotter, a printer is capable of producing hardcopy at a much faster speed. It basically prints one line at a time and is used for producing text and graphics on physical mediums like papers.
A plotter is a device needed to draw pictures on the page with the support of commands provided through a computer. On the other hand, a printer is known as a device that prints images and texts on the page with the help of commands provided through a network.
The error code 0x0000002C, 0x00000000 typically occurs in systems where multiple AC feeds are powered on sequentially rather than simultaneously. An Onboard Administrator firmware update should remedy this problem.
59.10 is a main drive error, which could be a bound up fuser. 51.10 is a laser error, which could be a bad laser unit. Which error do you have? If the printer can print an engine test, then you may have a bad formatter.
The 51.01 and 51.1 errors are fairly common error codes on the HP LaserJet 4100, 4100N, 4100TN, and 4100DTN series printers. This error indicates a failure with the laser scanner assembly, which is a high-failure part on these models.
That error code indicates a failure of the yellow laser scanner. Unplug and leave for a few minutes, also make sure you are plugged directly into the wall and not into a surge protector.
The system error 24:10 is a critical error in which the printer cannot be used until has been corrected. Turn the printer on in Diagnostic Mode. Turn On the printer holding down Power + Cancel + DOWN buttons until you hear one beep before releasing ALL three keys.

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