HP PSC – Printer / Scanner / Copier 1210

How to Identify and Fix Common Problems ?

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5000-40000 Per Piece.
The HP PSC 1210 uses HP 56 and HP 57 ink cartridges.
Disconnect the power cord from the printer and the power outlet, then wait 60 seconds. After 60 seconds, plug the printer back in.
If you`re using a different brand, then it won`t work. You can`t use Canon ink cartridges to replace HP ink cartridges and vice versa. You also can`t interchange different ink cartridge models, even if they are from the same brand. Thus, you can`t use HP 301 inks in an HP 304 printer even if they`ll fit.
Yes, you can use a compatible or third-party brand of ink in your printer. Lower priced printer cartridges from third-party companies are available for almost every popular printer model and can save printer users thousands on printing costs every year.
Are they interchangeable? The answer is no, even though they look similar and will likely fit inside your printer, they will not print if installed in the wrong printer. HP 63 cartridges will not work in a printer that uses HP 64 cartridges.
Turn the product on while you press and hold the Resume button for 10-20 seconds. The Attention light turns on. Release the Resume button. The Attention and Ready lights cycle while the product restores factory defaults.
The highest price recorded is ₹14,998. The average price is ₹14,998.
The $350 HP LaserJet Pro 100 bears a near-exact resemblance to the LaserJet Pro M1212nf, but this step-up model cuts out the fax machine in favor of color printing that uses Hewlett-Packard`s innovative new carousel-style cartridge bay.
Yes, you can use an HP printer without HP Instant Ink. HP Instant Ink is our Ink Subscription service that can save you up to 50%1 on ink or toner and will ensure you always have ink when you need it.
HP ink and toner cartridges are labeled to help distinguish which cartridges work with selected printers. The ink or toner cartridges are listed according to where the printer was manufactured. Some printers use more than one cartridge.
When color ink is expended and black ink still remains, you can continue printing for a short time using only black ink. However, you should replace the expended ink cartridge(s) as soon as possible.
Print In Single Cartridge Mode

For instance, the HP ENVY series allows you to print in single-cartridge mode. When it comes to printing a single color i.e black, you can perform your printing activity by simply removing the tricolor cartridge and letting your printer default settings to use only black ink.

HP LaserJet M1005 Black & White Multifunction Printer, Upto 14 ppm, Price from Rs. 12925/unit onwards, specification and features.
1. The easiest way to figure out what cartridges work with your printer is by opening up the printer to see what cartridges are currently inside the machine. 2. If there are no cartridges inside the printer, you can search for the printer model on the manufacturer`s website.
HP LaserJet M1005 Black & White Multifunction Printer, Upto 14 ppm, Price from Rs. 12925/unit onwards, specification and features.
HP LaserJet M1005 Black & White Multifunction Printer, Upto 14 ppm, Price from Rs. 12925/unit onwards, specification and features.

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ANSWER : If you want to get proper detailed information about hp printer then you should call on 1-888-924-2961 toll free number. They provide you step by step methods of installation process and driver support services.