HP Printer Troubleshooting

HP Printer Problems

HP Printer Troubleshooting involves the first step of identifying the nature of the issue. If it is a hardware issue such as, say, a paper jam, the solution is at the level of the hardware. However for connectivity issues, diagnosis needs to be done by the hp software from the computer and resolved.


Printer Not Printing

There can be a lots of reasons for HP Printer Not Printing. The issue can be local and linked to the hardware or the issue can be from the software front.

The first step in identifying the issue is to actually turn off the printer. After that the connectivity needs to be checked in depth. For instance the issue can be because of a loosening of the USB cable, and a thorough check up of that would resolve the issue.

Upon rebooting the printer, if the issue still exists, then the LCD should be checked to see if there are any warning notices being presented. The ink cartridges could have become dry if the printer was not being used for a long time.

In any case, a print head cleaning can be initiated from the Printer command and in cases of dirt etc blocking the print head, the problem would get resolved.

Printer offline

HP Printer Offline error command can occur when the printer goes offline as it cannot establish connection on the wireless network.

The Printer Offline error could occur as a result of changing the wireless ID and password, and not updating the printer.

The first step is to ensure that the wireless network is up and running and that there is internet connectivity.

The WPS button or command from the LCD of the Printer should be engaged and the wireless network of the Printer should be available on the computer in a wireless search.

Re-establishing the wireless network and re-configuring the printer on the network, and hp printer troubleshooting bring the printer back online.

Printer not connected

When the hp printer troubleshooting for printer not connected the icon at the base of the window in the taskbar would show that the printer is not connected.

The first step is to power down the printer and check if the connecting cable is securely connected, and should also check for frays or cuts in the cable. The computer end of the cable should also be inspected and preferably refitted.

In case the Printer shows that it is not connected while on wireless mode, the network status needs to be checked.

After that by running the HP Software a search should be conducted for updates. In case the printer has not been updated, the connectivity issue may arise. When none of these resolve the issue, it is advised to remove the printer and reinstall it.

Paper Jam

HP Printer can display a paper jam when the sheets are not sieved properly or if the sheets are not stacked properly along the guides.

The Paper Jam is displayed by way of explicit warning on the LCD and the printer ceases to print until the Jam is resolved. When the HP Printer displays the Paper Jam error, the cartridge door should be opened and the area of the jam has to be identified visually.

The stuck paper has to be extricated from the point of least resistance and not from the point of maximum resistance.

Once the stuck paper is cleared, the cartridge door needs to be closed and the input needs to be given in the LCD to restore the print job. It is advisable to reset the guides and sieve the sheets of paper again before restoring the printer.

Prints a blank page

Sometimes there can be no error indication or a warning prompt but the Printer will print a Blank page.

The reason for such an occurrence can be multifold, as the Printer may not have been used for some time and the print heads could have become dry.

The printer prints a blank sheet and the print job shows as being on schedule, it is advisable to realign the print heads after running the print head cleaning programme. Sometimes dust accumulation can also lead to blank pages being printed.

The Printer can also print blank pages in error is the drivers are not up to date, and after the cleaning of the heads, if the problems persist it is advisable to update the drivers and ensure that the software is up to date.

Network Issues

Network issues as they affect the HP Printers can be both software and hardware, and can be a result of external software and driver influence as well as the changes in the configuration.

The physical connection to the network components can be checked for accidental dislodgements and adjustments. As the network issues present themselves, the bundled HP software will have the diagnostic software that can provide identification of the issue and can address it on the software level itself.

When there is a persistent denial to the network, the WPS standard can be used and the Printer can be re-installed on the network as if it were a first install. Most of the times a fresh install of the network associations will make the printer have no issues.


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