HP Officejet 6958 Setup

The HP Officejet 6958 setup is secured with environmentally friendly packaging material that is used to properly secure the printer. The printer is not supposed to be a mobile device and hence adequate precautions have to be taken to ensure that none of the moving parts within the product get damaged during transport.

The outer box is an environmentally friendly recyclable cardboard unit, and by grabbing the plastic packaging the product needs to be pulled out gently. Before unpacking the hp officejet 6958 setup, care should be taken to have a workspace of adequate dimensions for the unravelling of the product before the unpacking procedure.

Transparent adhesive tapes are applied at the areas of movement like the scan bed and the outer covers and care should be taken to remove these tapes before use. There is a cardboard insertion made into the print bay to secure the print heads so that they do not move during transport, and care should be taken to remove these pieces before installing the bundled print cartridges.

Once the packaging material has been removed, the printer should be plugged in and the default language selected. The intuitive process will lead to selection of the print cartridges to be installed and care should be taken to install the multi-colour and the black cartridges as indicated in the cartridge bay.

The HP Officejet 6958 will perform a self-diagnostic to ensure that the cartridges have been installed properly and after that the rest of the setup process would continue wherein the connection to the wireless network and others will be completed.

HP Officejet 6958 wireless setup setting.

  • The HP Officejet 6958 wireless setup connectivity On the HP Officejet 6958.
  • Navigate on the LCD display to wireless printing module, Wireless printing to be enabled.
  • HP Officejet 6958 wireless setup will start to broadcast its footprint wirelessly.
  • Connect to the printer that has been broadcast from the computer or tablet/mobile device.
  • Once that is done, running the setup process from the supplied software, or from the HP AIO App on mobile devices will make the HP Printer ready for wireless printing.

HP E-Print

HP provides a comprehensive all-encompassing app called the HP E-Print which will take care of the printing and scanning processes in their entirety. The hp officejet 6958 setup has E-Print app constantly been updated and revised so that it is tandem with the latest technologies in development. As you start the E-Print app, make sure that the printer is in the same wireless network as the E-Print app, and the printer will be detected. After you connect the printer, ensure that the settings on the printer are configured to the requirement. The HP E-Print app can be used to scan documents remotely over the network, to print and to fax.

Google Cloud Print

HP Officejet 6958 is Google Cloud Print ready. For google cloud print to be enabled, you will need a computer or a tablet or mobile device, and a gmail account. The HP Officejet 6958 setup should be powered on and connected to the same network as the computer with an active internet connection. None of these requirements are mutually exclusive. After ensuring that the printer is powered on, and connected to the same network as the computer and the internet connection is active, you need to type out chrome://devices on the chrome browser. This will show the printer as available devices. Hit the “Register” icon and follow the steps. There may be a confirmation sheet printed out.

Apple’s Air Print

Hp Officejet 6958 is fully integrated with Apple’s proprietary AirPrint technology. This makes printing across Apple devices to the Officejet 6958 setup easy seamless affair. The ease of operation is characteristic Apple technology where the hardware works in seamless conjunction with the software which is perfectly embedded as the source is the same organisation. To enable AirPrint, make sure that the hp officejet 6958 printer is connected to the same wireless that the Apple devices are connected to. In the Apple device search for printers from the Airprint app and the HP Officejet 6958 setup will detected. Upon selecting the printer, you will be able to select the configuration as best suits you, and the printer will be ready to print over the network. In addition, you can also use the printer to scan images and documents over the network also.

HP Officejet 6958 Troubleshooting


The HP Officejet pro 6958 troubleshooting has been through several iterations over the years to come to what it is now. HP Officejet 6958 has been changed and evolved to work in tandem with the latest technology evolutions and is compatible with the latest technologies. The printer comes with a basic troubleshooting guide, along with the packaging and this guide will have clear solutions to most of the typical problems. In addition to this, the plethora of resources available at the HP website will completely take care of all issues that may arise. The entire range of issues that may arise have been documented and there are no unknowns. The most common troubleshooting issues with the hp officejet 6958 are listed as follows.

Printer Not Printing

After the command has been given, if the printer fails to generate a print, the issues can be systematically troubleshot and solutions are readily available and documented.

  • Check the power status of HP Officejet 6958.
  • Check if the network is enabled and if the internet connection is stable and connected.
  • Check for physical detachments of cables, and check if the wireless is switched on the printer.

Printer offline

The HP Officejet 6958 being offline, envisages a list of reasons that starts with the most common reason – change of the network password. Over a period of time, the network password can be changed and many a time the home printer is overlooked. The new password has to be enabled on the HP Officejet 6958 in order for the printer to be able to speak to the network. This is the most common reason for the printer being offline. There can also be physical reasons for the printer to be offline. In case the printer is connected physically, check the integrity of the physical connection, as over time there may have been physical deterioration in the link and that would have caused the printer to go offline.

Printer not connected

After issuing the print command HP Officejet 6958 may not commence printing and may be stopped at the spooling stage. The status can be seen from the print notifications on the computer from which the print command is given. Since the HP Officejet 6958 is a non- portable printer, so over time there is a possibility that the printer may have been moved, thereby dislodging the cables. So check if the connecting cables are secure both at the printer end and at the router or the computer end. A printer restart and check the LCD for connection status after reboot of the printer. If the wireless connection is showing as not connected, then run through the wireless setup process from the LCD screen, under the module wireless network.

OS Issues

A majority of OS issues arise out of Compliance issues and general non-compatibility. The command areas of the software are Operating System dependant and they require full compatibility with the printer software in order to function seamlessly. Not all issues that may arise on the HP Officejet 6958 are a result of continuity interruptions or hardware. HP Officejet 6958 not being able to print could be a result of OS issues. The result of OS updates may make drivers incompatible unless the corresponding drivers have also been updated. OS issues manifest themselves when there is a non-updated software scenario.

Paper Jam

One of the major issues that affects every printer is the incidence of paper jam. The HP Officejet 6958 has a completely enclosed paper tray and therefore is not susceptible to excessive forces of nature. However, paper stock being natural, reacts to the surrounding environment such as dust and moisture. The predominant reason for paper jam is the effect moisture has on the paper stock.

In the presence of moisture, the leaves of paper stick together and that is a direct contributor for paper jam. Another reason for paper jam is the improper positioning of the guides or the non-sieving of the sheaves of paper. Without proper sieving there is a substantial chance for the paper sheets to stick together and get drawn into the carriageway.

The solution for every paper jam starts with the powering down of the all in one. Opening of the printer carriageway will expose the extent of the jam. Care should be taken when removing the paper from the side of least resistance, and the removal has to be done without haste. After the obstruction is cleared, it is always advisable to run a self-diagnostic check and re-align the print heads so that we can rule out the possibility of misalignment due to the removal procedure.

Prints a blank page

One of the main reasons for the HP Officejet 6958 to print blank pages is the incidence of dried ink on the print heads due to lack of use for a long time. This may in turn lead to the printing out of a blank sheet, while the printer may not actually issue a error prompt. The best and most straightforward solution is to run the diagnostic tool on the HP Officejet 6958. The printer comes with an inbuilt diagnostic tool and an automatic print head cleaning system. Once that is run the printer will diagnose the error and will run the print head cleaning program. It is advisable to run the alignment program after the print head self-cleaning in order to rule out misalignment.

Network Issue

Network issues can be a result of the simplest of reasons such as the network data having been changed with the passwords for the wireless networks altered, to actual physical network connectivity issues. In the case of persistent problems with network connectivity, the usual solution is to delete the wireless preferences and reinstall the network preferences altogether so that the network can now act as a new installation. Once that is done, usually the network status is restored to that of the factory setup and the new network is integrated like a fresh install. Other network issues can arise due to the physical damage or untethering of network cables, in the case of hard-line tether and this issue is best corrected by a series replacement of network cables from the port to the router. Once the Network issue is sorted out, the printer should be made to run a diagnostic check and the results should be studied for anomalies or error data. If network issues persist, HP provides a state of the art tech support who will guide you to identify the issue and solve it with the easiest and shortest route possible.

HP Officejet 6958 printer Features

All in One printer that offers excellent value for money, superlative printing performance and the cutting edge of technology. The HP Officejet 6958 offers all that and is a solution to most of the printing, scanning and faxing needs of an independent small organisation or home setups. The HP Officejet 6958 offers unparalleled support by way of superlative printing, duplex back to back printing solutions, document feeder that supports 25 sheets at once and photo printing needs as well. The printer is equipped with the latest connectivity features and comes fully integrated for the most popular network printing standards like google cloud print and Apple AirPrint and so on. The additional feature set of the HP Officejet 6958 is that it has a completely concealed paper tray and has separate trays for regular stock as well as for photo paper.

Pros and Cons of the HP Officejet 6958 printer


  • LCD Display
  • Efficient and quick 2 side printing.
  • 250 sheet concealed Paper tray that supports regular stock as well as coated sheets.
  • Separate tray for photo printing.
  • Wireless printing across all accepted international standards.
  • Ease of installation
  • Google Cloud Print and Apple AirPrint compatible.
  • 25 sheet Automatic Document Feeder., with an easy loading mechanism.
  • Duplex printing
  • Automatic Document Feeder makes it easy to scan multi page documents.
  • Realistic photo quality images.


  • HP Officejet 6958 is designed for individuals and small organisations, and hence may not be ideal for bulk printing requirements.
  • Maximum scan size is international A4, so cannot handle legal size scan operations.


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