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How to Identify and Fix Common Problems ?

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Make sure that the printer cable is not too long. We recommend that you use a USB cable that is no longer than 2 meters (6.5 feet). If you use the USB cable that is longer than 2 meters (6.5 feet), change it to the shorter USB cable and try again. Make sure that the printer cable is not damaged or broken.
If your printer is spitting out pages full of strange characters, symbols, or strange formatting, your inkjet printer drivers may be outdated, incompatible with your operating system or corrupt. Drivers are important to the proper function of your inkjet printer and it is best to check for updates regularly.
Printers rely on a properly formatted data stream to produce a page. Dropped or corrupted information packets sent over the network or through a defective cable interrupt the proper formatting of the stream and produce random output.
Communication issues between a computer running a Windows operating system and your HP printer might result in pages of garbled text that look like gibberish, or nonsense, or the letters could be scrambled.
Paper Jams

This is a common laser printer problem. Primary causes include grime, dust, worn rollers, or incorrect paper weight. The most basic way to prevent paper jams is simply through regular cleaning of your printer. Also, replace parts as needed.

Usually a quick paper setting adjustment will clear up a ghosting issue right away. Run a cleaning – Most printers have a cleaning function built into the machine. Run this a couple of times to attempt to clear up the printing issue. Inspect the drum – Sometimes excess toner powder can stick to the drum.
What is Random Repeat Printing? Random repeat printing on a plastic bag prints an image that will always appear, in full, at least one time on each bag. Additional impressions of the same image will be printed but will not include the entire impression.
Some the causes for these types of print issues are damaged print cartridges, the printer is not connected directly to an outlet, the USB cable is damaged, or the wrong print driver is installed. Figure : Example of garbled, illogical text, and incomplete printout.
Printer Driver

Problems with the driver software that maintains communications among your computer, operating system, applications and printer can produce garbled output. In some cases, the symptoms trace to installing the wrong driver option for your output hardware or OS version.

There are numerous possible causes for a printer that`s randomly producing blanks. The most common ones are empty ink cartridges, improper cartridge installation, and congested nozzles. Driver and software issues can sometimes cause this problem as well.
The Print Spooler is software built into the Windows operating system that temporarily stores print jobs in the computer`s memory until the printer is ready to print them. In some circumstances you may need to stop and/or restart the service.
If your printer is running low on ink, it may start printing blank pages. To check your ink levels, go to your printer`s control panel and select the Ink Levels option. Whenever the ink levels are low, replace the cartridges with new ones. You can also try shaking the cartridge gently to redistribute the ink.
As print quality goes down over time, this will be a reason to replace the color printer. We find a black and white printer can sometimes last 10 years or more and most color laser printers are replaced every 3 to 5 years.
Ghost prints happen when the drum or fuser unit within your printer become faulty. Because a fault with this element won`t heat the particles of the toner to a high enough temperature, the marks being made on the paper are much lighter in colour and appear more faded than typical documents.
What causes ghosting? The most likely culprit is either the imaging drum unit or the fuser unit, however humidity and the incorrect paper type can all play a role in ghosting. Ghosting is often caused by a malfunctioning imaging drum unit.
1. Paper Jams. Paper jams are a common problem for printers, resulting in time-consuming and frustrating delays. It can occur when loose sheets of paper get stuck in the rollers or feeding mechanism of the printer.
A mistake in anything that`s printed is a misprint. You might also call it a typographical error or typo.
The most widely used print processes are surface, flexographic (flexo), gravure and screen.
What`s an original print? In its simplest form, an original print is an artwork that has been manually created – drawn, carved, inked – and printed on a printing press by an artist. It is not a reproduction of an original. Each piece is handcrafted in its own right.
Run Diagnose & Fix

Open the HP Smart app, and then open Diagnose & Fix. Windows: Click the Diagnose & Fix icon in the bottom left corner. macOS: Click your printer, click Printers in the top menu bar, and then click Diagnose & Fix.

Many SysAdmins and IT teams struggle with printers daily. But this particular Windows print spooler vulnerability causes a lot of bad dreams. It`s a bug that means a domain user (once they`ve been authenticated against the remote system) can remotely run code on a Microsoft Windows system as the local SYSTEM user.
How to Manually Stop and Start the Print Spooler. Click the Start button and select Run. Type Command (Figure 1 [English only]) and then click OK to display the Command Prompt (Figure 2 [English only]). In the Command Prompt type, net stop spooler, then press Enter to Stop the Print Spooler.
Print Spooler background

The Print Spooler service is required when a computer is physically connected to a printer that provides printing services to additional computers on the network.

Restart Your Printer and PC

Many times, a simple reset can resolve the issue. Restarting your printer and rebooting your PC may clear up the issue that causes your printer to print blank pages. Here`s what you should do: Press the power button on your printer to turn it off.

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HP LaserJet 2200D won't print configuration page
ANSWER : Find someone with a HP LaserJet 4100 and you can configure the card to the IP you want:

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HP Color Laserjet 3800 problem when printing color
ANSWER : Do a cold reset

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HP Laserjet 1320tn printing grey instead of black
ANSWER : Try this test. Put a page into the manual feeder and do that same test. When the end of the page is just about to enter the printer, open the lid. Take out the toner cartridge and pull back the shutter. Look at the image and see if it is black. The explanation is that there is high voltage going to both the toner cartridge and the charge transfer roller below it. If the image on the drum is black, then the fault is at the transfer roller not getting enough high voltage. The transfer roller pulls the image off of the drum and down onto the paper. It would not be a laser scanner problem as any issue with it would not result in an overall gray image, but combination of gray and black. It will probably turn out to be a bad HV power supply, which will need replacement. I’ve never seen this particular problem on this model.

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evenly spaced horizontal lines on hp laserjet III printout
ANSWER : The lines would be a toner cartridge problem. Which paper tray? The MF tray or the optional paper cassette?

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How to copy a card slot in HP laserjet 4250N
ANSWER : None that I know of, using a computer is likely your best option but I never attempted it.

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What repair needs to be done for a "50 needs repair" message on an HP Laserjet IIIP?
ANSWER : I don’t know what you mean by good toner cartridges. They haven’t been built in about 10 years, so if they are new OEMs in the box, they are guaranteed to fail. The 50 error on that printer is mostly a burned out fuser lamp. This site was sold, so as you can see, there are no more kits available.

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HP Laserjet 4250 – RFU LOAD ERROR
ANSWER : Italiano:

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HP Laserjet 4200 50.2 Fuser error
ANSWER : if you are using a good fuser the next part to try would be low voltage power supply

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