HP Envy 5530 Printer Setup

The HP Envy 5530 printer setup is as follows. The printer comes packaged with the ink cartridges packed separately. Therefore the first step of the setup process is to install the ink cartridges after powering on the Printer. Once the cartridges have been installed and the printer comes to it’s default idle state, it is advisable to run an alignment test, just to ensure that there are no hardware issues off the bat. The alignment would print out a sheet of paper which will then be scanned to check the alignment.

HP Envy 5530 wireless setup setting.

  • The HP Envy 5530 is a Wireless enabled printer that can handle the major standards for wireless printing.
  • Setting up the printer for wireless printing is seamless in that, after the printer is powered on, navigate to the module on setting up wireless printing on the LCD display. There will be a list of all the parameters for wireless printing with the details of the hardware.
  • You will have to enable the wireless setup and then from the computer you will have to detect the printer from the wireless network.
  • Then from the HP setup file that is provided along with the printer, you will have to connect the printer to the wireless network.
  • Please note that before this procedure you have to ensure that the computer is connected to the network.

HP E-Print

HP E-Print is a proprietary standard developed by HP for its printers, and the setup file that comes along with the printer contains the steps for setting up the e-Print facility. Setting up the HP Envy 5530 printer setup for E-Print means setting up a email address for the HP server. Once the mail ID is set up automatically, the printer will be assigned to that ID. When the printer is registered on the network, opening the HP e-Print app will display the printer if it is on the same network. Using the app all functions of the HP Envy 5530 can be accessed such as scanning, copying and printing.

Google Cloud Print

HP Envy 5530 printer is fully compatible for Google’s Cloud print. To enable Google Cloud Print the hp envy 5530 printer setup has to be powered on and has to be connected to the network. Once the Printer is online, select the option of “add printer” from the Google print module in the Google account that you are signed in. The hp envy 5530 will show as an available printer and you should proceed to select it. After granting the privileges, and permissions as may be needed, the Printer will be available for Google e-Print.

Apple’s Air Print Setup

HP Envy 5530 works seamlessly on Apple’s proprietary wireless printing standard called Apple Air Print. HP Envy 5530 printer setup has to first be powered on and should be latched on to the wireless network that the computer is in. After confirming that the printer is on the wireless network, from the wireless module on the LCD screen on the printer, which would read connected, the Apple computer, tablet or handheld can be used for connecting the Printer to the network, from the printer setup module.

HP Envy 5530 Printer Troubleshooting


Troubleshooting on the HP Envy 5530


HP envy 5530 printer troubleshooting can start at the hardware level, with many issues that can be identified and resolved on the printer itself after checking the LCD screen. Issues like paper jam, printing blank pages, not printing, offline, depleted ink levels or misaligned cartridges would show up as warnings and alerts on the LCD screen. For other troubleshooting issues there is the robust hp printer driver that is bundled along with the printer and the issues can be identified and sorted out from the app or the software.

Printer Not Printing

HP Envy 5530 printer not printing issue. First step is to ensure that the printer is powered on. The second step would be to check if the printer is on the network, be it wired or wireless. If that is perfect and still if the hp 5530 printer not printing, then check the bundled HP software for updates. Usually when there are software updates and they are not installed, the printer may not work. Also if there are corrupt drivers then the hp envy 5530 printer not printing, and a quick fix for that is to reinstall the drivers again using the bundled software provided with the hp envy 5530 printer setup.

Printer offline

HP Envy 5530 printer offline error. The error will show only in the computer at the point of selection of the printer, the printer will be shown as hp envy 5530 offline. The first step is to check if the hp envy 5530 printer is powered on. Then on the LCD readout navigate to the wireless module and check if the printer is showing as connected to the wireless. If the printer is not connected, then you need to run the wireless connectivity wizard and go through the steps to connect the printer back on to the network. In the case of wired networking, ensure that the physical cable is not detached from the printer and also on the router end. If the printer still shows as offline but the hardware end is perfectly connected, remove the printer from the printer setting and reinstall the printer with the drivers.

Printer not connected

HP Envy 5530 printer not connected error. Usually after a print command is given and the printer is not detected on the network, it will be shown as offline on the computer. If the hp envy 5530 connection problems to the network it will not be able to complete the print tasks. The HP Envy 5530 is a compact well contained printer and normally when the printer is installed there is no occasion to actually move the printer at all.

Restart the printer and check the LCD for connection status after reboot of the printer. If the wireless connection is showing as hp envy 5530 printer not connected, then run through the wireless setup process from the LCD screen, under the module wireless network.

OS Issues

Not all issues that me arise on the HP Envy 5530 are a result of continuity interruptions or hardware. HP Envy 5530 not being able to print could be a result of OS issues. The result of OS updates may make drivers incompatible unless the corresponding drivers have also been updated. It is essential to monitor the updates and run all of them in tandem be it the printer updates or the OS updates. Usually when a new branch of OS is released with a significant change, the old printer drivers that are registered on the operating system may not work in compliance with the updated OS and this would result in the printer not responding.

Paper Jam

HP Envy 5530 is an extremely well-engineered printer and yet there are paper jams. Paper jams occur as a result of a multitude of reasons.

  • Non-sieving of papers
  • Improper placement of the paper
  • Moisture on the paper leading to sticking of multiple sheets.

Whatever be the reason, when a paper jam occurs it is notified by an audible alert as well as an indication on the printer’s LCD that there is a paper jam hp envy 5530. Open the cartridge tray of the printer and wait for the printer cartridges to park themselves.

If the paper jam hp envy 5530 was on the top, remove the paper backwards over the top so that the least amount of resistance is offered. Dust is also a principal reason for paper jams to occur and while the paper jam is cleared, you may clean the derailleurs.

Prints a blank page

HP Envy 5530 printing blank pages. Usually when the printer is left idle for a long time, the print heads may dry and the printer may not be able to transfer ink leading to printing of blank pages. If the hp envy 5530 printing blank pages, run print head cleaning from the printer, where the print heads will be automatically cleaned. The LCD menu will have the module to run a printer head cleaning and a diagnostic tool as well, and after the print head is cleaned, you can print a test page from the LCD to ensure if the problem is solved. If established that the problem is not hardware related, then the issue may be regarding the printer drivers, which may not be properly working the print spoolers. The solution is to reinstall the printer software from the accompanying bundle and run the process again. Sometimes, an update not installed could also be the reason for the printer turning out blank pages.

HP Envy 5530 printer Features

HP Envy 5530 is a very capable multifunction device that is all set to deliver super-fast print output. It is also characterised by a crystal clear multicolour LCD screen and is capable of duplex printing and borderless printing. The Printer also supports scan to email and all major standards of wireless printing. In short the HP Envy 5530 is one extremely capable All in One device.

Pros and Cons of the HP Envy 5530 printer


  • The HP Envy 5530 is characterized by a fully colour LCD display that helps control all the functions of the printer, be it scanning or copying or printing.
  • The HP Envy 5530 is capable of Duplex printing.
  • The HP Envy 5530 is also capable of borderless printing. This will help take photographs that literally pop out.
  • The Printer is capable of wireless printing and supports scan to email. Where you can scan a document and send it to email directly from the printer’s interface without once requiring a computer or a mobile device.


  • The HP Envy 5530 is a medium format printer that is capable of handling a small office level print delivery. Therefore if there is a requirement for high volume printing, the printer may not be the most suited.
  • The HP Envy 5530 can handle scans of a maximum of international A4 size and cannot handle sizes in excess of that.


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