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Check Cables and Printer USB Ports

Check all cable connections (including the power cord) on the printer side. If the printer does have power and you`ve properly connected the communication cable, but the printer is still not recognized, try switching to a different USB port on the PC.

Make sure that both ends of the USB cable are correctly inserted into the computer and the printer. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the USB cable at both ends. Disconnect the printer and the computer and reconnect them. Try another USB port if available.
In most cases, all you have to do to set up a printer is to connect it to your PC. Simply plug the USB cable from your printer into an available USB port on your PC, and turn the printer on.
Open the start menu and select Control Panel > Administrative Tools > and choose the Services icon. Locate the Print Spooler service and right-click. Then select the option to “Stop” the service.
Click Start on your computer, then select Devices and Printers. Right-click on the printer`s icon that did not install correctly, then select Troubleshoot. After you confirm that the printer driver for the device you want to use is not installed, select Apply this fix.
Usually a quick paper setting adjustment will clear up a ghosting issue right away. Run a cleaning – Most printers have a cleaning function built into the machine. Run this a couple of times to attempt to clear up the printing issue. Inspect the drum – Sometimes excess toner powder can stick to the drum.
HP Smart app (Android, iOS): Open the app, tap your printer, and then tap Printer Information or Network Information to find the IP address. Most printers with a touchscreen display or menu: Open the Wireless Summary or Network Settings menu to find the IP address.
Every printer contains an IP address that allows it to seamlessly connect to your computer (or other devices) through your Wi-Fi network. Here`s everything you need to know about finding your printer IP address—as well as some information about how printer IP addresses work.
A printer, like any device that connects to the internet, has an IP address.
Yes, you can usually set up a printer without the disc, provided you have the printer`s USB cable. Also, you may need to download software from the internet for older printers. The instructions for doing this are set out in the steps above.
Web Print is a driver-less printing service that allows users to print by uploading documents from a web browser. No client software or driver installation is required. Your Web Print deployment can be scaled to meet the needs of your organization, removing bottlenecks and improving reliability.
Printers used to output documents from a computer do not require online access to operate. Provided the document or file to be printed is stored on a local hard disk drive or on the local network, it can be printed without a connection to the Internet.
Open the printer`s web page and Sign in as Administrator. On the General tab select Reset Factory Settings in the menu.
Reset. Resetting the printer stops printing and clears the current print job received from the active interface. You may want to reset the printer when there is a problem with the print job itself and the printer cannot print successfully.
Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Printers. Right-click your printer icon, and click Printing Preferences. The screen displays the Printing Preferences window, which contains the Layout, Paper/Quality, User Defined Paper and Extension Settings menus. These menus display the printer driver settings.
Ghost printers are printers that continue to appear in Windows although they have not been used or installed on your system in a long time, which may have been years.
In Windows, go to Printer Properties > Maintenance > Clean Heads > OK and follow on-screen prompts. On a Mac, check the Applications folder for a Utility application for the printer. To manually clean the printer, remove printheads and use equal parts water and isopropyl alcohol to clean them.
Windows 7:

In the print Server Properties window, switch to the Drivers tab. Highlight the appropriate printer driver and select the Remove button. When prompted, select Remove Driver Only or select Remove Driver and Driver Package. To completely remove a printer driver from a computer, choose Remove Driver Package.

Simply plug the USB cable from your printer into an available USB port on your PC, and turn the printer on. On the taskbar, select the Search icon, type Printers in the search bar, and then select Printers & scanners from the search results to open the Printers & scanners system setting.
A component found in electrostatic printers, laser printers, and xerographic printers and photocopiers. The fuser unit is used to permanently bond toner to a substrate by applying heat and pressure. A fuser unit is made up of two rollers; one to apply heat and one to apply pressure.
You can lay another sheet of soaked and blotted printmaking paper on the sheer layer of remaining ink on the plate, and either run it through the press, or rub it with a spoon for a hand transfer to pull a ghost print.
FIX Unknown Device Drivers with Windows Update

Open Device Manager and go to the device in question in your device. Typically, it is listed as an Unknown Device in the Other devices node and expands the section. Right-click on the Unknown Device and select Update Driver.

Simply plug the USB cable from your printer into an available USB port on your PC, and turn the printer on. On the taskbar, select the Search icon, type Printers in the search bar, and then select Printers & scanners from the search results to open the Printers & scanners system setting.
Many printer models won`t print if there`s a loose USB connection or if they`re out of ink or paper. Verify your printer`s ink levels, clean the printhead, fill the paper tray, and avoid using substandard paper.

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ANSWER : soryy Canon MP150

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