HP PSC – Printer / Scanner / Copier 1610
it prints just fine but when i make a copy it comes out with a black vertical line down the middle of the page.

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Look down into the scanner unit. There are mirrors on it. Using a flashlight, see if there is anything on the mirrors in the area that the line is printing. Otherwise, you would need to replace the scanner unit, but they are not available.

How to Identify and Fix Common printer Problems ?

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Now, if your printer is failing to copy and there is no response at all from your HP Envy when you attempt to run the copy, this generally indicates a hardware failure with the scanning/copying assembly built into your printer. Two things generally cause this failure: a power issue, or a programming issue.
Open the copy settings menu from the printer control panel. On the printer control panel, touch Copy, Copy Document, or Copy Photo. Change any basic settings, such as number of copies. Touch Settings or the Gear icon to open the copy job options.
Do a hard reset on your printer. To do this you just need to turn off your printer, unplug for a few minutes and then plug the printer again. If that still doesn`t work, try turning the printer and your computer off, and then start it back up again. Try uninstalling and then reinstalling your printer driver.
To be specific, you should make sure that your printer has sufficient paper, ink or toner and without paper jam. If the printer cartridge`s status is faulty, you should replace it with a new one. After carrying out these operations, check if the HP printer can print properly. If not, try other methods immediately.
1: Check Printer Power, Cables, and Paper

Check that the correct paper is properly loaded into the printer and is not jammed. Replacing damaged cables, plugging in loose or disconnected cables, and fixing paper jams as necessary may resolve the issue.

There are a few things that could be the cause of this problem, including: Empty ink or toner cartridges that need replacing. Ink or toner cartridges that have become dislodged from their proper place. The wrong paper size loaded in the input tray.
Several factors may cause the product to print blank pages, such as print settings, low ink, or the product itself. Check the following: Make sure the product is placed on a flat, stable surface that extends beyond the base in all directions. The product won`t operate properly if it`s tilted or at an angle.
If your printer is running low on ink, it may start printing blank pages. To check your ink levels, go to your printer`s control panel and select the Ink Levels option. Whenever the ink levels are low, replace the cartridges with new ones. You can also try shaking the cartridge gently to redistribute the ink.
When you fill a cartridge, the ink sometimes doesn`t make it all the way to the bottom of the reservoir. Fix this problem by removing the cartridge and injecting more ink into the sponge through the exit hole. Air bubbles also can get trapped inside the cartridge, blocking ink flow.
The reset key is a single use key and once used cannot be used again. All EPSON printers have inbuilt counters that count up the number of pages a printer produces, the number of head cleans executed and various other attributes. Once a critical level is reached the printer will enter its service mode.

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having trouble making copies
ANSWER : Look down into the scanner unit. There are mirrors on it. Using a flashlight, see if there is anything on the mirrors in the area that the line is printing. Otherwise, you would need to replace the scanner unit, but they are not available.

Printer just quit making copies, – everything else works fine
ANSWER : Hello, if you have need of a best new brand printer you look on begreenink here most valuable parts for you of Kip Toner.

canon mx320 copies have blk line down the right side of copies
ANSWER : If you are using the ADF feeder to make copies, then check the small glass on the left side. If there is any dirt or whiteout on the glass, it will result in a line down that spot. You can confirm it by looking at the copy that has the line. If it is dirt on the glass, the line won’t go all the way from top to bottom. There will be a margin on each end.

Scanning and copying faint image
ANSWER : The scanning is done by light bouncing off of some mirrors. Could be dust on one of the mirrors. Try shining a light down into the scanner unit and look at the mirror that is visible and see if it has dust coating on the side that is light.

M425 printer makes noise
ANSWER : Try starting you printer ON without the cartridges. If it still makes the same noise, then it is most probably you fusing unit gears are broken. Check also for objects that might been stucked to the gears inside.

makes hard sound and complain of replace waste toner box, and stop printing
ANSWER : complain waste toner full and it has be remove make a hard sound what is the solution?

problem in copying or scanning

HP PSC 1510 copying problems
ANSWER : my hp photocopy is not working