Canon ImageRunner Advance C2030
when i replace the magenta and yellow drum occur this error E20-1060

How to Identify and Fix Common printer Problems ?

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#001. Different sized originals were scanned without setting the Different Size Originals mode. Check the originals and the settings, and perform the operation again. Different sized originals were scanned in the 2-Sided Original mode without setting the Different Size Originals mode.
#099. The job was cancelled. Perform the job again. An error occurred because the main power switch was turned OFF while executing a job.
BUSY/NO SIGNAL will appear on the display (or #018 will appear on an Activity Report) for several reasons: The fax number being dialed is incorrect. The fax number being dialed is busy. The remote fax is not answering (disconnected, set to not answer automatically, memory is full, etc.).
#037. The file is too large to print. Optimize the file to reduce the size or divide the file into sections, and then proceed to printing again.
Error code e02 occurs due to overheating of the printhead or when the paper is not correctly placed into the input tray and therefore the paper feed rollers are unable to pick up the paper from the paper tray.
Once the printer believes the cartridge has run out of ink you will be presented with either the E13 message or the E16 message that indicates that you need to change the ink cartridge. If this message is being displayed on your printers screen then your printer will stop printing and scanning.
2 Answers. Canon just called back. The error code means that the user in question has reached their print quota.
Make sure the print head is installed. If it`s already installed, try reseating it. Refer to reseat or replace the print head for help. If the error continues even after reseating the print head, the print head may be damaged and the printer will require service.
Action. If the paper output tray is closed, open it. Turn off the machine, and unplug the power cord of the machine from the power supply. Plug the machine back in and turn the machine back on.
The Canon E08 error message indicates that the “Ink absorber is almost full” in the bottom of your printer. To bypass this message you can simply press the black or colour button of your printer which will allow you to continue printing.
Error code B200 (or related errors B201 / B202 / B203 / B204 / B205 / B206 / B207) generally means that print head communication has failed and that your printer will require service or replacement.
#099. Printing, sending, or receiving was canceled. When you cancel an operation, this error code is displayed, but this is not abnormal. Print, send, or receive documents again as necessary.
Generally Error Code 0000 is a hardware failure as its a general error code saying “please contact us”.
A1 fault code can be caused by a jammed, dry or air-filled pump. This pump is responsible for pushing warm water to every radiator and hot water outlet (taps, showers etc.).
Err 01 – Communications between the camera and lens is faulty. Clean the lens contacts.

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Error Code 51.1 says Printer Error No
ANSWER : Sometimes turning off and on will allow you to print a few pages. The error is a beam detect error. The only real fix is to replace the laser scanner unit. Could be a loose connector on the scanner or DC controller from the scanner. That’s unlikely. You could try the only other free fix which is to open the scanner assy. and clean all the mirrors inside. The dust could obstruct the laser beam enough to cause the detect error.

Error Code 52.1M
ANSWER : Magenta laser error. The spinning motor bearings cause the squeal and that slows it down causing the error. You could try opening it and lubricating the motor shift with a drop of synthetic lubricant. Do not use more than a drop.

Canon Pixma iP3000 "Open door" Error code.
ANSWER : Look for a protruding plastic on the top that goes into an indentation. Mine was in the front left side. Put a piece of cardboard into the indentation.and close the door. The top plastic piece is not pushing the door close sensor down and because its too short and the cardboard allows the sensor to be reached and pushed.

Error code sc27-04
ANSWER : Sorry the code is sc27-04

Dreaded 6000 Error Code
ANSWER : Did you read this forum thread?

HP 9040 MFP Error code
ANSWER : bonsoir

Canon Pixma MP150 Error Code 5100
ANSWER : Make sure you check that a copy of Gustave Holst’s journey to the stars cassette isn’t stuck in there! haha. That’s what my error 5100 was all about, I was getting ready to dismantle the thing after threatening it with a water boarding.

printer error code unable to print 4f
ANSWER : Follow these instructions: