HP LaserJet Enterprise 600 M602DN
could this error be a bad fuser assembly

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No, fusers give a 50 error. Typically a 59.xx error message is due to a temporary printing error occurred and requires you to cycle power on the printer. The 59 error is mostly associated with a main motor failure.

How to Identify and Fix Common printer Problems ?

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59. C0 = Developer motor rotation error. With this printer it usually means the product needs to be replaced. What you can try is to remove all toners and then start up the printer and see if the error appears.
90 or 59.00. A0 Error resulting from a registration assembly and/or paper feed assembly that is jammed/stuck.
Description: This error is primarily caused by a transfer alienation failure in which the ITB is stuck and unable to rotate, the SR9 sensor (the primary transfer roller disengagement sensor) has gone bad or the fuser drive assembly has failed.
Thanks for the reply. Apparently, a bad toner cartridge can cause error 59.00. 30, but replacing the toner combined with: removing the fuser and putting some oil on the axis at each end (and turning the gear several revolutions), cleaning the paper path and rollers solved the problem.
Check for excessive wear on gears in Main Drive Assembly

An issue was identified with the material in one of the gears in the Main Drive Assembly for some of the early production units. This issue would cause excessive wear on the gear that eventually results in a 59.0C/59.00. C0 error.

This is a main motor startup error. In other words when the motor is supposed to turn it can not and gives the error. I have seen this with other printers and sometimes it is not the motor that is the issue.
This code accesses the service menu in all three models. This follows the normal PIN code pattern, where the middle digits match the printer model number. In reality, all three models use the same PIN code, 10060311.
Description: Printer boots up to 59. F0 Error and is unable to print. This error is primarily caused by one of the following conditions: A transfer alienation failure in which the ITB is stuck and unable to properly engage the internal transfer rollers.
59.10 is a main drive error, which could be a bound up fuser. 51.10 is a laser error, which could be a bad laser unit. Which error do you have? If the printer can print an engine test, then you may have a bad formatter.
This is a fault related to the feed motor. You can do only a couple of things: 1) You can check if the connectors of the feed motor are well connected both at DC controller and the motor itself.
60 Black drum motor rotation abnormality.
41.02 error on this printer is a laser/scanner error. If the message does not clear, then you need to replace the laser/scanner. If you are not getting a 41.02 error, then report back with the correct number. The 05 does not mean anything.
10.10 Supply Errors

When you put in a toner cartridge and the printer comes up with a 10. 10 Supply Memory Error, this means there is a problem with the chip in your toner and we need to issue you a replacement.

59 error including loud noise followed with a poor print quality and toner cartridge coming out of its position, and/or toner access door starts to open by itself. Source of all above-mentioned symptoms is a bent metal ( U shaped) shaft that is used to lock toner cartridge in position for printing.
This error is primarily caused by one of the following conditions: A transfer alienation failure in which the ITB is stuck and unable to properly engage the internal transfer rollers. The SR9 sensor (the primary transfer roller disengagement sensor) has gone bad. The fuser drive assembly has failed.
The 59. F0 has been a common error code on the HP CLJ M452 and M377 / M477 MFP models. The printers service manual references this error to a “drum motor assembly” but in most cases has been resolved by replacing the Transfer Belt assembly (RM2-6454).
Recommended action. Turn the printer off, wait 15 seconds and turn the printer back on (using the power switch located on the back of the printer). The error code should not appear again.

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Error Code 51.1 says Printer Error No Kidding.lol
ANSWER : Sometimes turning off and on will allow you to print a few pages. The error is a beam detect error. The only real fix is to replace the laser scanner unit. Could be a loose connector on the scanner or DC controller from the scanner. That’s unlikely. You could try the only other free fix which is to open the scanner assy. and clean all the mirrors inside. The dust could obstruct the laser beam enough to cause the detect error.

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ANSWER : Magenta laser error. The spinning motor bearings cause the squeal and that slows it down causing the error. You could try opening it and lubricating the motor shift with a drop of synthetic lubricant. Do not use more than a drop.

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ANSWER : my printer cp5225 is giving me error code 55.0601 message which i can’t fix please help

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ANSWER : bonsoir

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ANSWER : Laser scanner assembly.