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When the red H ink light flashes, one or more ink cartridges are low on ink. When the red H ink light stays on, you need to replace the cartridge(s). When you print, you`ll also see a message on your screen telling you which cartridge is low or empty.
Ink in a cartridge is low. You can continue printing, or check which cartridge is low and replace it. An ink cartridge is expended or not installed correctly. Replace or reinstall the cartridge.
if you have all lights flashing and your inkjet Epson printer reporting a possible paper jam or fatal error but there is no paper jammed in the printer maybe the problem is the light sensor first of all look at the waste ink pad counter to make sure the problem isn`t the waste ink pad try to change all ink cartridges …
Answer: Red light blinking in L220 printer means the printer may have roller jam problem OR sensor problem occurs. So, please check for roller jam and fix it. Second, check the sensor`s head and clean it too. If you can`t do it manually, then check out the following video tutorial.
If the light is blinking red rapidly, there is a problem with the lamp. If the light is blinking red slowly, there is a problem with the projector. If the light is red and not blinking, the projector is overheating, which turns the projection lamp off automatically.
Check to see if the lamp is burned out, broken, or installed incorrectly. Reseat or replace the lamp as necessary. Make sure that the vents and air filter are not clogged with dust or obstructed by nearby objects.
A blue or green light indicates the printer is operating correctly, while a red light indicates an error has occurred. A system error has occurred.
Some parts of the printer are broken, or there`s an internal error with the device. You need to restart your printer if you notice the `Resume` light and the Power light blinking together. There`s an improper connection. A flashing `Resume` light can also indicate a paper jam.
Verify that the printer is properly connected to the computer or network. Restart both the printer and the computer. Update or reinstall the printer drivers and software. If the issue persists, consult the printer`s user manual or Epson`s support resources for further assistance.
Yes, you can reset the print settings to their original, default values. Press and hold down the Cancel button for 3 seconds. When the message to reset the printer to default settings appears, press OK to reset the print settings.
If there is a line, the print cartridge is most likely your culprit. Replace the defective print cartridge with a new one. Place the print cartridge back in the machine. Print a test document to see if issue is resolved.
An ink pad is nearing or at the end of its service life. Contact Epson for support. If a message to continue printing appears on your computer, press the B&W copy button or the color copy button to continue printing. The ink and paper lights continue to flash until you have the ink pads replaced.
Ink and paper lights blinking alternately means that your internal “waste ink pads” are full and need resetting/cleaning out. Check your Epson Status Monitor (on PC) for any error messages – if it says “service required” or “… end of service life” then it`s the waste pads.
Remove the power cord and contact EPSON for help. The projector is overheating, which turns the lamp off automatically. Wait until the cooling fan stops, then unplug the power cord. Plug the power cord back in and press the Power button.
Projector Lamp is Burnt Out

If the light is flashing red or orange, you need to replace the lamp. If the projector turns on, but the image doesn`t appear, your lamp may be burnt out.

If the Error LED is flashing: Check whether paper is jammed. If it is jammed, remove it (Printing stops if the thermal head overheats and resumes automatically when it cools). For other cases, turn the printer off, and after 10 seconds, turn it back on.

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Epson Stylus Photo R230 – flashing red lights fix

Epson Stylus Photo R230(2 red indicator blinking)
ANSWER : 2 red indicator blinking

Epson Stylus Photo R200 – flashing red lights
ANSWER : The R800 will flash the ink and paper lights alternately when the ink pads are assumed to be full from extensive head cleaning. Sometimes, if not always, the head will lock into place on the right side above the ink head cleaning sponges that release ink to the lower ink pads.To correct the problem you need to clean the sponge area, I use cotton swabs. If the head is locked to need to release the carriage lock with a screwdriver. This will require removing the cover, but not necessarily the bottom of the unit.There is a 179 page service manual available for download for $16.50. There are free downloads of this manual, but usually are missing the 100 pages.You can remove the cover by:1. Remove the three screws on the rear housing (One to the left of the power plug, one on the opposite side and one in the lower middle bottom.2. Remove the three screws inside the upper housing (Just under the lid where the hinge is).3. Remove the screw under the left and right side in back below the vents.4. In the back pull the white ribbon closest to you out of the block, do not try to remove the block itself.5. Place a screwdriver into the slot both on the right and lift of the bottom corners on the back to release the hooks that hold the upper unit.6. Lastly, put a screwdriver into the notches on the bottom of the printer located in the front right and left, they are spring loaded.7. Remove cover.8. The head lock release screw is in the right side of the printer and is partially covered by the lower housing. I drilled a half inch hole into the side as to be able to insert a screwdriver. Turn the screw to the left and the head will rise out of the locked position. You only need to turn enough to release the head.9. Clean the sponges and any areas you see with excess ink.10. Place the cover on the unit enough to plug the white ribbon back in and turn the unit on.If the printer lights stop flashing then you are all set.

Epson Stylus Photo T60 paper jam
ANSWER : paper jam

Epson stylus photo R300
ANSWER : Had the same problem with the VM cartridge, I cleaned and put it back several times not luck,then the MK started acting up as well, cleaned it and put it back and worked, the VM however was still acting up. I turned the printer off and took out the VM and put it back without cleaning, turned on the printer and the VM is working now….come on Epson what the hell is wrong with this system.

epson stylus photo 2000p problems
ANSWER : plz i just receive epson stylus photo 2000p from a friend and the ink light are on nothing is working plz help

Epson Stylus C90 (Red Light Continuously Blinks)
ANSWER : It looks like General Error occurs. Check for foreign objects inside the printer which may block the movement of printhead carriage, paper feed, etc.

Epson Stylus Photo RX600, porous pad
ANSWER : Hi, You may have by now (Feb.2016 ) solved your problem, if not I have just used to code to reset my copy counter but as yet have not replaced the surplus ink pad tanks, what I am going to do is install an external surplus ink tank to bypass the pads as I am a bit nervous of taking my printer apart, Go to ebay and type in “RX600 surplus external ink tank” cost is well worth it, Happyhammer 20.02.16