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Contact the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Vital Records and Health Statistics, Vital Records Requests, P.O. Box 30721, Lansing MI 48909, or call 517-335-8666. Order forms are available online on the MDHHS website, too. Contact the county clerk in the county where the event occurred.
Death records are open to the public. Death Certificates are filed in the county where the death occurred, search the Death Record Index to see all death certificates on file with the Branch County Clerk.
Death certificates in Michigan are an official, legal document which performs a variety of roles. It states when a person died, declares the date and location of death, and the cause of a person`s death.
Search state archives

You can search most state archives online and easily access them from the comfort of your own home. These searches are also free. State archives often have death certificates that date to the founding of their state and beyond in some cases.

Local newspapers, obituary pages, and social media can help you determine whether someone recently died. States and the U.S. government have online death records (sometimes called death indexes) for deaths within the past 50 years or so. To find out if you`re in someone`s will, you may want to visit a probate court.
Anyone is eligible to request a certified copy of a Michigan death, marriage or divorce record if he/she makes the request in writing and prepays the required search fee (MCL 333.2882(1c)) and (MCL 333.2882(1d)).
For death records, access is usually restricted by a set number of years before they are officially public, and the years are different according to the health laws of each state or sometimes county or city.
Upon providing a public body`s FOIA coordinator with a written request that describes a public record sufficiently to enable the public body to find the public record, a person has a right to inspect, copy, or receive copies of the requested public record of the public body.
There is no statewide online database of Michigan public records. However, many local government agencies maintain their online databases of public records. Contact the agency to determine if a particular government agency has an online database.
The current basic search fee for a certified copy of a Michigan vital record is $34.00. The $34.00 basic search fee will cover a search of the year specified on your application for the vital event.
Who can get a copy of a death certificate? In most states, only immediate family members (like a person`s spouse, children, parents, or siblings), beneficiaries listed in a will, and the executor or estate administrator can get a certified (or official) copy of someone`s death certificate.
U.S. death certificates

You can apply for a copy or request an amendment through the Vital Records Office in the state in which the death occurred. Another source for obtaining certificates is VitalChek.

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Vital Records (Michigan Vital Records) issues certified copies of Michigan birth certificates, Michigan death certificates, Michigan marriage certificates and Michigan divorce certificates for events that occurred within the State of Michigan.
A long form record includes the full death registration including the medical conditions reported and other circumstances which led to death. Approximately 4 to 6 weeks of in-office processing time, depending on volume of requests received.
For additional assistance on how to make a correction to a Michigan death record please call the Changes Unit directly at 517-335-8660, Mon-Fri 8:30am–12:30pm and 1:00pm-4:30pm ET (except for State holidays). You can also e-mail [email protected] you will receive a response within 1-3 business days.
Request a Copy by Mail

Write a letter stating the required information, and enclose a check or money order. Mail to Macomb County Clerk, Attn: Death Records, 120 North Main, Mount Clemens, MI 48043.

The legal next of kin will need a death certificate for claiming life insurance and pensions, and settling estates, Medicaid, and veterans` benefits. Social Security is contacted electronically when the funeral director files the death certificate.
Only the spouse, parent, sibling, or child of the deceased may obtain a death certificate copy. Other persons must submit a New York State court order or documentation demonstrating that the death certificate copy is required to establish a lawful right or claim (see below).
Michigan does not permit just anyone to record conversations so long as they have the permission of any one person involved in the conversation. Only the participant themselves may record their own conversations with their own consent. Remember this important right should the need arise.
Michigan`s Medical Records Access Act (“the Act”), MCL § 333.26269, provides that “a health care provider, health facility, or medical records company shall waive all fees for a medically indigent individual.” Two categories of individuals are usually indigent: those on public assistance and inmates.
Public Access. Generally, unless access to a file is restricted by statute, court rule or an order pursuant to MCR 8.119(I), any person may inspect pleadings and other papers in a court clerk`s office and may obtain copies as provided in MCR 8.119(J).
If you`re looking for public records, your local courthouse is the best place to start. Courthouses keep records of all sorts of proceedings, including criminal and civil cases, property deeds, marriage licenses, and more. Most courthouses have an online database that you can search by keyword or case number.
Divorce records (just like marriage, birth and death records) are a matter of public record in Michigan.

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