Canon Color Bubblejet (BJC) S520

How to Identify and Fix Common Problems ?

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The print head holder will not move unless the power is on. If the ON lamp is not lit, close the print head cover and turn the printer on. While the ON lamp is flashing, the machine is initializing. Wait until the ON lamp stops flashing and remains lit, and then open the print head cover again.
It`s usually because the printhead inside your printer is clogged or dried out. Like with most printers, Canon printheads can clog due to ink or dust drying up and collecting in the nozzle.
If the nozzle check pattern shows adequate ink, but the printer doesn`t print color, clean the printhead. After that, print a nozzle check pattern. After performing printhead cleaning, perform a printhead deep cleaning. If still, the problem persists, switch off your printer and do the deep cleaning after a day.
Restart your computer – this often will recover any lost connections with wireless devices. Power off and on the printer, and even the access point or wireless router your printer connects to. Check your printer configuration – you may not be assigned to the correct port for the printer.
If the printer has been printing continuously for a long time, the Print Head Holder may not move to the center since the Print Head may overheat. Opening the Top Cover while printing moves the Print Head Holder to the right. Close the Top Cover, and reopen it after printing finishes.
The print head holder will not move unless the power is on. If the POWER lamp is off, close the top cover and turn the printer on. While the POWER lamp is flashing, the printer is initializing. Wait until the POWER lamp stops flashing and remains lit, and then open the top cover again.
The hard reset helps you restore your Canon printer back to its default factory configuration. Here`s how to perform a hard reset: Step 1: Press and hold the “Stop” button on your Canon printer until you hear the alarm ringing. Step 2: Release the “Start” button only after the alarm flashes or rings at least 19 times.
Simply turn the printer off with the power button on the printer. Once turned off, disconnect the printer`s power cord from the back of the printer. Wait approximately 30 seconds before you reconnect it. Once reconnected, use the printer`s power button to turn the printer back on.
Your printer displays the “Missing or Failed Printhead” error to signal a malfunctioning printhead. The issue could be due to clogged ink nozzles, dirty ink cartridges, internal paper jams, and more. HP printers may also display this error if the printhead pulls air from ink cartridges.
The printhead lock is a piece of plastic that prevents the printhead from moving towards the left. A common way to unlock it is by turning on the power. As soon as you see the lock moves, you`ll cut the power off.
What is a Printhead? Printheads are a component in all types of digital printers that are used to transfer the desired image onto your chosen print media. The printhead will spray, write, or drop the ink onto your paper in the pattern needed to produce the finished image.
A clogged print head is caused by dried up ink that settles and obstructs the flow within your cartridge. This could lead to a less than stellar performance and should be fixed immediately. This is by no means a big problem; you don`t need to get your printer repaired or even buy a new cartridge.

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