Canon Personal Copiers (PC) 11

How to Identify and Fix Common Problems ?

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Run the Printer Troubleshooter

To run the troubleshooter, open Settings > System > Troubleshoot > Other troubleshooters. Here, you will find the Printer troubleshooter among the list of Windows troubleshooters. Click on the Run button next to it to activate it.

The short answer is yes. Windows 11 supports all devices that have Windows 11 compatible drivers. Windows 11 has nothing to do with your printer hardware.
Restart your computer – this often will recover any lost connections with wireless devices. Power off and on the printer, and even the access point or wireless router your printer connects to. Check your printer configuration – you may not be assigned to the correct port for the printer.
To fix a not working printer on Windows 11, use the “Printer” troubleshooter. Alternatively, you can uninstall and reinstall the printer driver to fix common issues. You can also try checking the physical connection, revising the configuration, and resetting the spooler.
The easiest way to connect the Canon printer to the computer is via a USB cable. It`s the traditional method of connecting devices. One end of the USB remains connected to the printer, and the other must be connected to the computer`s USB port.
The hard reset helps you restore your Canon printer back to its default factory configuration. Here`s how to perform a hard reset: Step 1: Press and hold the “Stop” button on your Canon printer until you hear the alarm ringing. Step 2: Release the “Start” button only after the alarm flashes or rings at least 19 times.
You can go back to Windows 10 by going to Settings > System > Recovery. Then click the “Go back ” button beside the Previous version of Windows option. If you are using Windows 11 for more than 10 days. The only option to downgrade to Windows 10 is by reinstalling Windows 10.
Windows 10 KB5025221 April 2023 Update causes new issues, including printer problems.

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Canon PIXMA MP190 – paper pulls to one side and ja
ANSWER : My Canon MP470 pulled paper to one side. Thanks for the simple solution. It worked and made doing my taxes a little less of a pain.

Canon pixma – ink absorber almost full
ANSWER : They are on the bottom of the printer. If you want to clean them, you can take them out and wash them in hot tap water. Wring them out like a sponge. You will need to reset the printer.

Canon Pixma MX882 won't print black text
ANSWER : Yeah I’m having the same problem with my Canon MX882. I’ve refilled the pigment tank, cleaned the print head and I still get no pigment black at all. I think it has something to do with the purge unit, but I don’t see any instructions on how to clean it. If I can figure it out, I’ll let you know.

Canon Pixma Printer Paper Does Not Feed Properly/"No Paper" Error Occurs?
ANSWER : Pretty much useless advice. I also have serious doubts about someone who is obviously not fluent in the English language.

Canon Pixma MP610 won't print in black
ANSWER : Printer cleanings use wet ink to clear dried up ink. Yeah, that works real well. The best way to clean the heads is remove all the ink tanks. Next to the tanks on the right, there is a plastic release lever. Pull up on it and it will release the heads. Reach in and pull them out. Take the heads over to the sink and run hot tap water into the screen for the black and then turn it over and run it over the heads on the bottom. Repeat a few times and reinstall.

Canon Pixma iP8720 Ink Compartment Stuck
ANSWER : Here are some solutions you can try.

Full Ink Tank in Canon Pixma ip4000
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Canon pixma MX700
ANSWER : I have the Canon MX700 printer. The black said ’empty’ but looked 1/2 full and we hadn’t printed in 2 months, so i figured it was dry. I soaked the sponge part of the black cartridge in hot water for 10 minutes and rinsed in hot. Dried with tissue paper and put it in. The printer gave the same message. I held the Stop/Reset button for about 3 seconds—that cleared the thing and it printed. The i printed some lines of various colors to keep things fluid. Voila` . Fini.