Canon Personal Copiers (PC) 530

How to Identify and Fix Common Problems ?

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Press and hold the RESUME button and release it when the Alarm lamp flashes 8 times. The network settings are initialized.
Hold the on/off button and press the stop button 5 times. Release the on/off button. The printer resets itself and restarts automatically afterwards.
Instead, you simply need to override the empty error message that is being displayed by holding down the “stop / reset” button on the printer for around five seconds. The printer should continue printing, and use any of the remaining ink in the cartridge.
The default user name for the administrator is “Administrator” and the default password is “7654321“. When you are going to operate the machine as “Administrator,” change the current password to improve the security.
Error code E05

This error code may cause an orange light on your machine to blink 5 times and is caused by the print head not being installed at all or it may have been installed incorrectly.

Press the Setup button until “10” appears on the LCD and press the Black button or the Color button. The network settings are initialized.
Connect your computer or tablet to your printer with a USB cable. Once USB connection is complete, printer driver is automatically detected. Once printer driver is detected, Canon Inkjet Print Utility, software for making detailed print settings, is downloaded automatically.
Hold the on/off button and press the stop button 5 times. Release the on/off button. The printer resets itself and restarts automatically afterwards.

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Waste tank counter reset code for Canon printers.
ANSWER : I have a Canon Pixma MG4150 and I never see any references to it on help pages. I too want to get rid of the ink absorber warning after havig cleaned and reinstalled the absorber pads. Can anyone help?

Canon PIXMA MP 210
ANSWER : Mine was grabbing the paper from the right side only (where the roller is), sucking the paper in partway and then going sideways and jamming. I cleaned off the roller to no avail. Then I picked the printer up and looked in the paper slot and found a small screwdriver lying sideways so deep you almost couldn’t see it. I got that out and now it works fine!

Canon Pixma iP3000 "Open door" Error code.
ANSWER : Look for a protruding plastic on the top that goes into an indentation. Mine was in the front left side. Put a piece of cardboard into the indentation.and close the door. The top plastic piece is not pushing the door close sensor down and because its too short and the cardboard allows the sensor to be reached and pushed.

Canon Pixma MP150 Error Code 5100
ANSWER : Make sure you check that a copy of Gustave Holst’s journey to the stars cassette isn’t stuck in there! haha. That’s what my error 5100 was all about, I was getting ready to dismantle the thing after threatening it with a water boarding.

Canon MX922 printer with B200 service code
ANSWER : Try green copy button and red triangle in a circle together while releasing the power button upon restarting printer.

Canon Printer reset tool for MP100 MP400 series
ANSWER : Thanks a million for this. I have just managed to get my MP460 Ink levels reset having tried lots of other sites and failed.

oki c511 drum reset, toner reset, turkey chip reset
ANSWER : If you switch off toner control, you should keep an eye on your prints, and we aware of ink quality, so filling colours as they’re emptying. Nevertheless, it’s an small disturb for the a,ount of money you’re saving ¿isn’t it?

Canon Pixma Mp 230
ANSWER : Hello Hamid: