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Four flashes:Ink tank is not installed properly/The clear ink tank is not installed/Ink may have run out. If the lamp on the ink tank is not lit, the ink tank may not be installed properly. Install an appropriate ink tank. The clear ink tank is empty.
– ON lamp flashes green: The machine is getting ready to print, or printing is in progress. – Alarm lamp flashes orange: An error has occurred and the machine is not ready to print. – ON lamp flashes green and Alarm lamp flashes orange alternately: An error that requires contacting the service center may have occurred.
Four flashes: Ink has run out

Ink has run out. Replace the ink cartridge and close the cover. If printing is in progress and you want to continue printing, press the RESUME/CANCEL button for at least 5 seconds with the ink cartridge installed. Then printing can continue under the ink out condition.

The E 0 4 error is an indication that your PIXMA TS3122 does not recognize one of the ink cartridges installed. The light should be on by either BK or CL (or both). Whichever light is lit, please replace that cartridge (or both).
Error code E04 means that the FINE cartridge in your printer is not installed correctly. To remove the cartridges you will need to push the output tray back in before opening the cover. Once cartridges have been removed they can be re-install them by firmly pushing them back in until they click into place.
Ink has run out. (The lamp on the ink tank flashes.) If printing is in progress, stop printing, replace the ink tank, and then print again. Printing under the current condition may damage the printer.
Four flashes – The cartridge is not installed properly. Five flashes – The cartridge is not installed properly. Seven flashes – The cartridge is not installed in the correct position.
Seven (7) Flashes:

Ink tank is not installed in the correct position. Some ink tanks are not installed in the correct position. (The lamps on the ink tanks flash.) More than one ink tank of the same color are installed.

When an error occurs in printing such as the machine is out of paper or paper is jammed, a troubleshooting message is displayed automatically. Take the appropriate action described in the message. When an error occurs, the Alarm lamp flashes orange and a Support Code (error number) is displayed on the computer screen.
Four flashes – The cartridge is not installed properly. Five flashes – The cartridge is not installed properly. Seven flashes – The cartridge is not installed in the correct position. Eight flashes – Ink absorber is almost full.
There are two indicator lights on the printer: the Status light and the Charging light. Each indicator light shows the status of the printer as described below. Status indicator light: A blue or green light indicates the printer is operating correctly, while red indicates an error has occurred. Indicator light color.
Error code 4 shows the Error message “you have been disconnected from Call of Duty, Modern Warfare servers.” and asks you to visit the Activision support page. This error is most commonly encountered while connecting to the Warzone servers.
Error code 4 often occurs because Spotify can`t recognize your PC`s default DNS server set by your ISP. In such a scenario, the app can`t load required online resources correctly, resulting in error 4. Many users have addressed that issue by changing their PCs` DNS server to the universally recognized Google DNS.
Canon MP240 – Error Codes

E 0 3 = Paper Jam. E 0 4 = Cartridge is not installed correctly.

The power supply unit needs to be replaced.

You need to replace the power supply unit if the light is still off or flashing orange.

With the printer powered on, select Setup . Select Device settings . Scroll to the bottom of the menu list and select Reset settings. In the Reset settings menu, select the desired area you want to set back to the factory defaults.
Check to make sure there are no paper jams or other obstructions. Unplug the printer for approximately two minutes, then plug it back in.
Ten flashes: The Front Tray is not set to its correct position./The Front Tray was moved during printing. When printing from the Rear Tray, return the Front Tray to its normal printing position, make sure that paper is loaded in the Rear Tray, then press the RESUME/CANCEL button on the printer to resume printing.
Table 1: The lamp flashes repeatedly orange. The printer does not support the paper size you specified. Select the Resume / Cancel button, specify the proper paper size, then print again. The printer is out of paper or isn`t feeding correctly, or the disc tray isn`t attached.
Number of flashes = 7 flashes / Support Code = 1486, 1487

– An ink cartridge is not installed in the correct position. Install the following ink cartridge in the appropriate position. If printing is in progress, cancel printing and install the ink cartridge.

When you see P07 error code on your Canon printer, then you should know that it`s due to ink overflow issues. However, there is nothing to worry because your printer already has a system which you can use to clean the excess ink.
Orange Alternately. Note: According to canon support 👉 Two flashes: Printer is out of paper / Paper does not feed, reload. paper on the Rear Tray and press the RESUME/CANCEL.
Light flashes orange. If you see the orange light flash as below: (A), then (A) again, count the number of flashes and refer to the table below for help. Machine is out of paper or paper does not feed. Reload the paper and press machine`s Black or Color button.
Ink in a cartridge is low. You can continue printing, or check which cartridge is low and replace it. An ink cartridge is expended or not installed correctly. Replace or reinstall the cartridge.

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ANSWER : I normally don’t waste my time with social media crap, but I had to come back to the site were I found some helpful info and possibly help the next person. First: I have a reliable Canon i850 so I’m only addressing that printer’s issues. Second: The tips about cleaning the printhead were a waste of time because, simply stated, the printer is 10 years old and the printhead just needed replacing. Third: I was only able to find the QY6-0064 printhead on ebay and only one of the businesses selling it was located in the US. That’s the one. I received the printhead within 4 days and I popped it into my printer and it started to purrrr just like it has for the past 10 years. I only decided to spend the $66 dollars for the printhead after I became desperate because it isn’t returnable. That risk was worth taking after driving back and forth to the library to print stuff and purchasing an Epson printer that I spent 2 days trying to hook up. I never could get the Epson to work even after numerous support calls and downloads so I returned it and bought the Canon printhead. Good luck

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