Canon Color Bubblejet (BJC) 250

How to Identify and Fix Common Problems ?

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Printers that use individual ink cartridges are a smart buy because each cartridge can be replaced as needed. That means, if you are running low on cyan, you just need to replace that color and can continue printing.
What`s the difference between PGBK and BK? PGBK ink is intended for uses like text, it`s smudge resistant and good for fine lines. BK ink is intended for photographs, it`s richer. The printer defaults to PGBK for text, lines etc – unless it thinks they are part of a photo.
The Canon PGI-280 and PGI-250 cartridges are designed for different sets of printers and the cartridges are not interchangeable with each other. If your printer uses PGI-250 ink cartridges, it will not accept a PGI-280.
Check the box your printer came in. Most printer boxes clearly display which cartridges are compatible with the printer right on the box. Find your printer model on the manufacturer`s website. The appropriate cartridges should be listed on the printer page.
You can only install two black ink cartridges if your printer uses two different types of black ink. If you are trying to install a black ink cartridge in a color cartridge slot, your printer will not function and you could potentially cause damage to the machine.
Why does the machine have two black ink tanks? There are two kinds of black ink in the machine: dye ink (BK) and pigment ink (PGBK). The dye ink is used mainly for printing photos, illustration, etc., and the pigment ink is used for text-based documents.
Yes you will have to replace all the inks even though you are planing to print only Black & White.
Canon 250D vs 200D – Features

In terms of features, again, there isn`t much that separates the two cameras. Both use what seems to be roughly the same APS-C sensor; the 200D has a 24.2-megapixel chip, while the 250D has a 24.1-megapixel affair.

It is also known as the EOS Kiss X10 in Japan and the EOS Rebel SL3 in North America and the EOS 200D Mark II in Australia and Asia.
Canon printer not recognising a new ink cartridge

Hold down the stop / cancel button for 5 seconds to bypass the `ink has run out` message and your cartridge should work. The cancel button is a red button that normally looks like a triangle in a circle.

If the printer says the cartridge is damaged or will still not recognise the cartridge then remove the cartridge and gently wipe the copper area or the cartridge with a dry soft cloth (the area known as the `chip`) to remove any static that may have accumulated on it and re-insert to see if it will solve the problem.
Myth 1: Perhaps the most common misunderstanding is that compatible cartridges will damage your printer. There is no evidence to support this. The truth: Compatible cartridges are designed to fit into your printer and work in exactly the same way as original cartridges, even though they may look a little different.
Are they interchangeable? The answer is no, even though they look similar and will likely fit inside your printer, they will not print if installed in the wrong printer. HP 63 cartridges will not work in a printer that uses HP 64 cartridges.
Yes it will print green. The machine doesn`t really “sense” what exact color of ink is inside the cartridge, but some can read the sensor and see if it is the right catridge, however that means nothing if you put a different color in it yourself. It counts on the user to fill them and insert them correctly.
When color ink is expended and black ink still remains, you can continue printing for a short time using only black ink. However, you should replace the expended ink cartridge(s) as soon as possible.
Definition: PGBK

(PaGe BlacK or PiGmented BlacK) The black ink in Canon inkjet printers used for regular printed documents. The PGBK pigmented ink does not adhere well to coated stock. In contrast, the BK cartridge is used for photos.

Page Black and Black Used for regular document printing, the page black ink cartridge (PGBK) has twice the capacity of photo black (BK).
The answer is yes, your printer uses a bit of all colors (black, cyan, magenta, yellow) every time it prints. According to HP Support, “[our] printers are designed in such a way that it also uses color inks while printing in black to form a perfect black. This is called as K-fortification in printer terms.
Printing on 10% = 240 pages. Printing on 20% = 120 pages. Printing on 40% = 60 pages. Printing on 80% = 30 pages.
If ink is not coming out when you perform printing for the first time, it is possible that ink is not flowing into the printer properly. Make sure each ink tank is filled with ink to its upper limit and perform ink flush. If the problem is not resolved yet, the print head may be damaged.
Verify the ink cartridge(s) is inserted properly. Some cartridges snap in place, and if they are not inserted fully, the printer won`t print anything. If a lever is moved from its original position to allow for installation of ink cartridges, ensure it is returned to its original position.
Technically speaking, Canon EOS 250D is superior to Canon EOS 2000D, with an overall iCamRank score of 60 and 50, respectively. The image quality of Canon EOS 2000D (47) is similar to that of Canon EOS 250D (47). Canon EOS 250D (41) performs better than Canon EOS 2000D (37) in terms of speed.
The image quality of Canon EOS 250D (47) is similar to that of Canon EOS 90D (49). Canon EOS 90D (62) performs better than Canon EOS 250D (41) in terms of speed. Canon EOS 90D is more versatile than Canon EOS 250D (96 a 86). The handling of Canon EOS 250D (78) is more effective than that of Canon EOS 90D (69).
After all, the “D” in DSLR stands for “digital”. However, there are a couple other things worth mentioning when we talk about the differences between these two types of cameras.

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ANSWER : Hello, I have the same problem a number of people on this forum have raised in my Canon IP4500 – the PGBK ink is not printing at all, despite several deep cleansing cycles, soaking the print head overnight a few times. If you could advise any potential fix, that would be great. My email is [email protected]

Canon MX922: PGBK Blurry Letters and Bad Grid
ANSWER : mg6460 same problem. I did print head clean 3 times. It wont fix.

Canon i560 Will not print black
ANSWER : Dang, it worked for me then wentback to normal (not working) after the test page. Oh well not bad for a 10 year old bubble jet.

PGBK cartridge not working
ANSWER : Did you try removing the print heads and flushing them under hot tap water?

Canon MP600 died
ANSWER : hey guys I found this on the net check it out maybe somebody can make something out of it cuase they omitted this part on the service manual that I attained cause I have the same problem hope this helps.

Canon Printer reset tool for MP100 MP400 series
ANSWER : Thanks a million for this. I have just managed to get my MP460 Ink levels reset having tried lots of other sites and failed.

Canon Pixma iP3000 "Open door" Error code.
ANSWER : Look for a protruding plastic on the top that goes into an indentation. Mine was in the front left side. Put a piece of cardboard into the indentation.and close the door. The top plastic piece is not pushing the door close sensor down and because its too short and the cardboard allows the sensor to be reached and pushed.

Canon Pixma MP150 Error Code 5100
ANSWER : Make sure you check that a copy of Gustave Holst’s journey to the stars cassette isn’t stuck in there! haha. That’s what my error 5100 was all about, I was getting ready to dismantle the thing after threatening it with a water boarding.