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In general, a 900 Service RIP error is a situation where the printer cannot process a file that has been sent. In some cases the file is corrupted and in other cases the printer`s firmware simply cannot interpret that file.
A 900. xx firmware error follows the connection of the printer to certain networks; these networks where identified to have transmission frames containing over 1500-byte packets, which exceeds the limit set by the IEEE 802.3 standard.
Does error 900 occur while your Lexmark printer is not connected to your network or your computer? In this case, the error could be caused by a problem with the hardware or by a connection problem. To solve the issue, turn off the printer and disconnect all cables except the power cord.
Whenever there is a technical issue caused by a hardware failure, negligence or inappropriate use of the Inkspire, the firmware immediately displays an error message on the screen.
This issue is caused by a policy on your computer that is set to restrict the installation of kernel mode drivers. In order to resolve this issue you will need to permit kernel mode driver installation.
An observed 900.00 or 900.30 Firmware Error resulting from the MFPs inability to fax forward to e-mail or FTP servers. This is evidenced by the following behavior: -The sending fax machine receives confirmation of successful fax transmission.
An E9 error occurs when the printer detects that ink system maintenance is required. An Ink System Maintenance page prints containing instructions to open and close the printhead access door to resolve the error.
Bugs in the firmware can stop it from working correctly, or physical damage to the platters can damage the firmware. A sudden circuit short of power supply failure can cause damage to a hard drive`s printed circuit board (PCB), where some of the hard drive`s firmware may be stored.
Corrupt firmware can sometimes be fixed by uploading brand new firmware. Much like formatting a desktop. But that might not always be 100% effective.
Error 900 in Windows

To fix this error, the Windows Registry must be modified to increase the stack size for the Server service. Editing the Windows Registry is a delicate process and can be harmful to your computer if done incorrectly.

In some cases a 900 error can mean a detection issue. This occurs when there are issues resolving the paths needed to check if patches are applicable.
Use Quick Actions to fix or refactor code

Or, when your cursor is on the line with the colored squiggle, press Ctrl+. or select the light bulb, error light bulb, or screwdriver icon in the margin. Visual Studio then shows you a list of possible fixes or refactorings you can apply to that line of code.

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