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How to Identify and Fix Common Problems ?

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When the print driver is corrupted, the target printer interprets the data stream as random characters. This problem can usually be solved by re-installing the print driver or checking the printer setup in the Control Panel.
The cause of the issue

This is related to a printer driver setting known as the mopier mode. When the mopier mode is enabled, a printer can receive one copy of a document, and print multiple collated copies.

Double printing can occur for several possible reasons including an improperly seated ink tank, a misaligned print head, and a dirty encoder stip. Select one of the links below to get detailed instructions to address the issue. Check that all ink tanks are seated properly. Refer to Replace an ink tank.
If the print heads are vertically or horizontally misaligned, however, the printer may unintentionally print the same letters or characters side by side. You can readjust the print heads in Windows or from the printer`s control panel.
Usually a quick paper setting adjustment will clear up a ghosting issue right away. Run a cleaning – Most printers have a cleaning function built into the machine. Run this a couple of times to attempt to clear up the printing issue. Inspect the drum – Sometimes excess toner powder can stick to the drum.
Go to File > Options. In the Word Options dialog box, go to the left panel and select Display. In the Printing options section, select the Print hidden text check box to print the document including the hidden text. Clear the Print hidden text check box to print the document without including the hidden text.
If the page size set in the driver is larger than the actual label stock, ink will be printed on the gaps and the sensor will start looking for a gap too late. This can cause label skipping or inconsistent print starting points. It is best to have the paper size set within .
Ghost prints happen when the drum or fuser unit within your printer become faulty. Because a fault with this element won`t heat the particles of the toner to a high enough temperature, the marks being made on the paper are much lighter in colour and appear more faded than typical documents.
Duplex printing means that you can print on both sides of the paper with your printer either automatically or manually by turning the paper over after the first side has printed. To duplex print, your model will need to have the functionality built-in.
On the File tab, click Options > Advanced. Under Editing options, select Use custom nudge setting, and then in the Nudge objects by box, type the distance that you want objects to move when you nudge them. Click OK.
Shadow printing is a printing technique that creates a lighter shade of the text off centered to make the text appear to have a shadow beneath it.
You can lay another sheet of soaked and blotted printmaking paper on the sheer layer of remaining ink on the plate, and either run it through the press, or rub it with a spoon for a hand transfer to pull a ghost print.
View Hidden Text on Windows

To view hidden text, go to the Home tab and click the Show/Hide button in the Paragraph section of the ribbon. This action displays your hidden text as well as formatting symbols.

This technique (also referred to as cloaking) has often been used to suppress keywords and links. Google treats it as a Black Hat SEO practice.
Select [Printer Properties] from the list. Select the [Advanced] Tab at the top of the Printer Properties Screen (may have a PS or PCL in from it depending on Driver installed). Locate the [Printer Separator Page] button on the lower left of the screen and select it.
a misprint or misspelling in a text.
Remove the toner cartridge and gently wipe to remove any dust or toner underneath with a dry cloth. If you notice excess toner inside the print device, it may be possible to remove it using a vacuum that is specifically designed to capture fine dust particles like toner powder. These vacuums can be costly, however.
If your printer is spitting out pages full of strange characters, symbols, or strange formatting, your inkjet printer drivers may be outdated, incompatible with your operating system or corrupt. Drivers are important to the proper function of your inkjet printer and it is best to check for updates regularly.
Consumer and low-to-medium volume office printers use a duplexing unit that reverses a piece of paper after the first side has been printed. Duplex multifunction printers that also support duplex scanning have a reversing automatic document feeder (RADF) for scanning both sides.
For Windows

Right-click the printer icon on the taskbar, and then select the Print Head Alignment. Or access the printer software, click the Maintenance tab, and then click the Print Head Alignment button. The printer prints test patterns that you use to check the print head alignment. Here are sample printouts.

If you place the paper guide in the wrong position or do not align the edges of the paper before you load it, the printed images may be misaligned on every page. * Paper Guide. Position in which image is printed is misaligned because the paper guide is in the wrong position.
An overlapping circles grid is a geometric pattern of repeating, overlapping circles of an equal radius in two-dimensional space. Commonly, designs are based on circles centered on triangles (with the simple, two circle form named vesica piscis) or on the square lattice pattern of points.
A text overlap note may therefore help identify related content. It can also be of assistance to authors who may not be aware that importing large sections of text either from their earlier articles or from articles by others is not common practice. Lastly, it may serve as a quality flag.
The solution is to set paragraph anchors and no text wrapping for all tables and then make sure that the table anchors are successive paragraphs.

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printing irregularity
ANSWER : Though paper is the most common material, it is also frequently done on metals, plastics, cloth and composite materials. On paper it is often carried out as a large-scale industrial process and is an essential part of publishing and transaction printing. assignment help by assignment valley.co.uk

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My printer feeds through one piece of paper all the way and then a half piece of paper and stops. I pull out the paper to stop the paper jam and then it prints but sounds rough. After printing, it doesn't feed the paper all the way through.
ANSWER : And the first 2 sheets, the full and half sheet that go through first, are blank.

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Unknown Printer

Canon Pixma MX882 won't print black text
ANSWER : Yeah I’m having the same problem with my Canon MX882. I’ve refilled the pigment tank, cleaned the print head and I still get no pigment black at all. I think it has something to do with the purge unit, but I don’t see any instructions on how to clean it. If I can figure it out, I’ll let you know.

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Unknown Printer

Print file sent but no printing occurs
ANSWER : Been working on these since they first were released. Never seen a problem like yours. If it happens again, try doing an engine test, as it bypasses the formatter board. The engine test is located at the right side of the manual tray opening. Look for a hole in the side wall. Stick something like a paper clip into it to actuate the test button. It will then print a lined test page. If it does that, then it points to the formatter board as the cause of your problem.

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Unknown Printer

PGBK black not printing text
ANSWER : Best way to clean the print heads is under hot running water. Otherwise, you are using wet ink to clean dry ink.

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Unknown Printer

Prints blank pages, won't print from computer
ANSWER : Don’t know why you replaced the fuser, but assuming you had print before, then it must have been something you did during the procedure. Only thing I can suggest is to recheck your work. Just because you reinstalled a connector doesn’t mean that it is seated firmly enough to work. Any flat ribbon connectors that you removed and reinstalled, check to see that the contacts are all flat and not peeled back.

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Unknown Printer

when printing front and back, the front will print well but the back will fade
ANSWER : It happens because second side voltage is much higher and the board breaks. Are you getting this issue in auto duplex only, or same error you are getting when you print second side manually?

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HP 4250n – blurry text
ANSWER : What is the fuser? And how can it be changed?

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