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How to Identify and Fix Common Problems ?

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If the printer power cord is plugged into a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) or power back up unit, that device may be making a beeping sound. Power off the printer and plug the printer power cord directly into a wall outlet or in a standard surge protector strip. The beeping noise should not occur again.
When the machine beeps to alert users of a paper jam or toner request, if the machine`s covers are opened and closed repeatedly within a short space of time, the beep alert might continue, even after normal status has resumed.
To turn off the beep, disable [Panel Key Sound] in [General Features] under [System Settings].
Turn Off Printer, Unplug Screen, Then Re-Plug it

One simple way to fix an Ender 3 that randomly beeps is to turn your 3D printer off, unplug the screen, then plug it in again. One user did this and said it worked to fix his beeping issue.

There are a few issues which may cause your UPS to beep continuously: The issue: The battery may simply be overloaded. The solution: Unplug low-priority devices, verify the issue is resolved and plug them back in. The issue: Another reason for a continuous beep may be due to your UPS overheating.
Issue. A grinding sound is heard when the printer is turned on or when it is printing. Blinking lights may accompany the noise. The problem can be caused by a carriage stall or a paper jam.
The most likely reason your PC keeps beeping continuously is a memory issue. In most cases, this is usually due to a faulty RAM or a poorly connected one. What is this? On rare occasions, the problem might be down to issues with your video card or hard disk.
A beep code indicates that there is something wrong with the computer hardware. If anything was recently added or removed from the computer, more than likely the problem is with the new component. Removing or reseating the new hardware will typically resolve the issue.
Open the cover of the main power switch, and push the main power switch. The main power indicator on the right side of the control panel turns off.
Printers require a large amount of power that will most likely completely drain the UPS battery. When the battery power is low on the UPS, the alarm on the unit will sound, usually in the form of beeping.
A constant beep (every second or two, and never stopping) generally means the UPS is very low on battery power, and you should shut down immediately. If there`s been no power loss and it`s still beeping periodically, your UPS is letting you know that it`s failed a self-test.
Green LED – ON (off during beep) Beeping 4 times every 30 seconds UPS transfers back to Power On operation, or when UPS is turned off. Low Battery Warning – UPS is supplying battery power to the load connected to the Battery outlets and the battery is near exhaustion.
Usually a quick paper setting adjustment will clear up a ghosting issue right away. Run a cleaning – Most printers have a cleaning function built into the machine. Run this a couple of times to attempt to clear up the printing issue. Inspect the drum – Sometimes excess toner powder can stick to the drum.
Filament grinding, which is accompanied by a “clicking” or “squeaking ” sound coming from the extruder, usually happens when the extruder gears are unable to push the filament further towards the nozzle. Over time, the gears grind away the filament, until they can`t grab it anymore.
A noise print is part of a technique used in noise reduction. A noise print is commonly used in audio mastering to help reduce the effects of unwanted noise from a piece of audio.
Usually, a 3-beep error indicates a system memory error. If it is, please check your ram module if it is seated properly.
6 Short Beeps

Six short beeps mean that there has been an 8042 Gate A20 test error. This beep code is usually caused by an expansion card that has failed or a motherboard that is no longer working. You might also be dealing with a certain kind of keyboard glitch if you hear 6 short beeps.

The beeping sounds are error codes which describe an issue with your machine. One constant beep can mean keyboard (loose cord or bad), loose card, power, a. short or other issue depending on System/BIOS maker.
This section describes how to turn on/off the machine`s power and how to restart the machine. Operate two power switches: the main power switch inside the front cover, located in the lower left corner, and the [POWER] button on the operation panel.
Press [Menu] ( ) [Set Current Settings as Default]. To restore the factory default settings, press [Reset Default to Factory Default]. After completing the configuration, press [Home] ( ).
G92 G-code

G92 means “set an offset in all coordinate systems”. The machine coordinates are the position of the machine relative to the point at which the endstops are hit. This is by opposition to the workspace coordinates, which are the coordinates you use to position a job you want to do.

How do I activate my GCodes? From your GCodes Wallet, any GCode that needs to be activated will have the Activate button beside it. Click Activate to convert to monetary value into GCodes Points that can be used to shop the global shopping mall.
a misprint or misspelling in a text.
When an external drive beeps, this can be due to insufficient electrical power. Even if your drive has never beeped before, sometimes drives can require a little more power as they age, and this can cause them to beep when connected.

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My printer feeds through one piece of paper all the way and then a half piece of paper and stops. I pull out the paper to stop the paper jam and then it prints but sounds rough. After printing, it doesn't feed the paper all the way through.
ANSWER : And the first 2 sheets, the full and half sheet that go through first, are blank.

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when printing front and back, the front will print well but the back will fade
ANSWER : It happens because second side voltage is much higher and the board breaks. Are you getting this issue in auto duplex only, or same error you are getting when you print second side manually?

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Print file sent but no printing occurs
ANSWER : Been working on these since they first were released. Never seen a problem like yours. If it happens again, try doing an engine test, as it bypasses the formatter board. The engine test is located at the right side of the manual tray opening. Look for a hole in the side wall. Stick something like a paper clip into it to actuate the test button. It will then print a lined test page. If it does that, then it points to the formatter board as the cause of your problem.

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Prints blank pages, won't print from computer
ANSWER : Don’t know why you replaced the fuser, but assuming you had print before, then it must have been something you did during the procedure. Only thing I can suggest is to recheck your work. Just because you reinstalled a connector doesn’t mean that it is seated firmly enough to work. Any flat ribbon connectors that you removed and reinstalled, check to see that the contacts are all flat and not peeled back.

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Epson Artisan 835 print head cleaning question
ANSWER : I had the same problem. After reading the comments, I tried Liquid Wrench spray. 1st try got about sixty percent improvement. Tried again this time I let it set for about 10 min then did a head cleaning. Completely solved the problem. I am a little concerned about its use on plastic. So far so good.

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HP Deskjet 640c wont print??
ANSWER : yes

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My printing come out blurred
ANSWER : doris…There are usually 2 reasons for blurry output on this printer. First, make sure that the alignment is correct. You can get to it from the maintenance tab on the software that came with the printer. The other common cause of blurring is debris under the printhead. Hope this helps.

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problems with printing
ANSWER : Check your settings to make sure they are Left to Right print order. If they are then reinstall printer driver. If that doesn’t correct problem uninstall printer, reboot computer, and reinstall printer.

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