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Click Start, point to Settings, and the click Printers. Right-click the appropriate printer, and then click Properties. Click the Paper tab, and then click the paper size you want to use in the Paper Size box. Click OK, and then close the Printers folder.
On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Settings, then click Printers & Scanners in the sidebar. (You may need to scroll down.) Choose a paper size from the “Default paper size” pop-up menu on the right.
If you get this error on the printer display, it means you are trying to print something that is formatted to a size other than standard letter paper (8 ½ x 11”).
just GOTO settings > printer properties of your printer > preferences>paper quality >change the paper to A4 size . and restart the printer.
The “Paper Mismatch” or “Paper Size Mismatch” error can occur when the paper, envelopes or other media loaded in the printer tray or feeder is a different size than the paper selected in the printer settings and is a safeguard programed into your printer to prevent ink or toner from being wasted.
In Mac OS X, the default paper size is a setting that determines the size of paper that applications will try to print to unless the user chooses otherwise. For most systems and applications this defaults to US Letter.
Select the text on the pages that you want to change. On the Format menu, click Document > Page Setup. Select a paper size from the Paper Size list, and then click OK.
In the Print window, click Preferences, Properties, or Printer Properties. Click the Paper/Quality tab, and then click Custom. Click New, type a name for the custom paper size, select the width and height, and then click OK to save the paper.

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My printer feeds through one piece of paper all the way and then a half piece of paper and stops. I pull out the paper to stop the paper jam and then it prints but sounds rough. After printing, it doesn't feed the paper all the way through.
ANSWER : And the first 2 sheets, the full and half sheet that go through first, are blank.

Epson Workforce 600 won't clear paper jam message
ANSWER : In my case, I have a WorkForce 7620 having this problem too, and there is white post on a sliding plastic bar which is the reason of my sorrow. I cannot move it, and it is getting me so desperate, because it makes the print head get stuck. I try to push it down to get the print head to the right position. Then, when I turn on the printer, the print head cannot move. The bar post don’t go down to free the print head and all I got all the time is an error code 0x69 on the screen. I see no paper jam there. Any suggestion, please?

Workforce 600 continues to bend corner of paper then jam where the sheet passes through the metal platen at the right side of printer.
ANSWER : Everytime that I have seen that happen it was because there was a small scrap of paper in the paper path on the side of the fold. I have dislodged hundred, if not thousands of them by shoving a thin, flexible plastic stick down the paper path. You can also cut a piece of file folder to size and use that. For small scraps of paper, it is usually stiff enough to clear the obstruction.

Epson stylus bx525wd incorrect-sized paper ejected
ANSWER : I have exactly the same issue with my Epson 960FWD printer. If any one has a solution for this issue, please respond.

paper drive wont accept paper
ANSWER : There is probably a small scrap of paper stuck at the left edge of the paper path. The paper hits it and skews to the left. The smaller size bypasses it. You need to shove something stiff, like a piece of file folder, down the paper path and attempt to dislodge it.

Canon Pixma Printer Paper Does Not Feed Properly/"No Paper" Error Occurs?
ANSWER : Pretty much useless advice. I also have serious doubts about someone who is obviously not fluent in the English language.

41.3 unexpected paper size on a 4050
ANSWER : I have 3 white plastic levers towards the back of it. The top is set in the next 2 are out. Top one is loose. I have a two tray so I switched 2 to 1, and 1 to 2. still get the 41.3 Help

Error message to load paper and push OK, but not out of paper
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